10/28/2009 Echo Chamber


All the ghouls, goblins, and dreads gathered with Dr. StrangeDub and DJ Baby Swiss in the Echo Chamber of Horrors... The good doctors of DUB cooked up quite a dark treat for their annual Halloween show.
Artist - Track album: xxx; label: yyy
<<< Dr. StrangeDub at the Controls >>>
Raz Mesinai - Intro + The Chamber of Souls Stirs
album: The Unspeakable; label: - B.S.I.
Sheriff Lindo & the Hammer - Dub House of Horrors
album: Ten Dubs; label: Creative Vibes
Tino - Bats in My Belfry Dub
album: Hallowe'en Dub; label: Tino Corp
The Abyssinians - Leggo Beast Dub
album: ?; label:
Raz Mesinai - The Beast (Is Unleashed)
album: The Unspeakable; label: - B.S.I.
Ben Wa - Good 'n Evil Dub
album: Devil Dub; label: Black Hole
Daily Bread Dub - Good Over Evil Dub
album: - self; label:
DJ Demoness - Black Quuen
album: Life's A Bitch?; label:
Magic Carpathians - Transcarpathians
album: Ethnocore Nytu ?; label:
The Raven (aka Peter Hollo) Snowblind
album: N/A - direct; label:
Madtone - Dark Dread (Nitramm Remix)
album: N/A - ; label: Blossoms Kitchen
Tino - Wicked Insane Evil Dub
Dubmatix - El Diablo Dub
album: Champion Sound Clash; label: 7 Arts Entertainment
Ennio Morricone - Strangled Lives + Hidden Symptoms
album: The Gangster Collection [soundtrack]; label: DRG
*Jester's Longevity - Black Cat
album: Wicked System; label: Jamendo.com
Raz Mesinai - Skeleton Dub
album: The Unspeakable; label: - B.S.I.
Gato Negro - Ghost Dance
album: Black Cat Dub; label: ROIR
International Observer - Flip-Flop Cemetery
album: ? - ?; label:
Eastern Dub Tacktik - Wicked Style
album: Blood Is Shining; label: Waveform
Dubblestandart / Lee Perry - Chase the Devil
album: Return From Planet Dub; label: Collision
Mikey Dread - Pre-dawn Dub
album: Happy Family / African Anthem; label: RAS
Peter Tosh - Dracula (Vampire Version)
album: Honorary Citizen; label: Sony
Bob Marley & the Wailers - Dracula [version of Mr Brown]
album: Complete Upsetter Singles; label: Purple Pyramid
Bob Marley & the Wailers - Mr. Brown
album: Complete Upsetter Singles; label: Purple Pyramid
Tino - Ghost Dub
album: Hallowe'en Dub; label: Tino Corp
*Richie Phoe - Bumpy's Lament
album: single; label: Balanced Records
Jah Wobble - Fading
album: Bedroom Album; label: 30 Hertz
Volfoniq - Phantomaton
album: ?; label: LCL
Eating Betty - Dub Invaders
album: Every Spoil A Dub; label: ACEtone
Trevor - Eve of Destruction Dub
album: Eve of Destruction Re-Dubbed; label: self
Wordsound I-Powa - Dungeon of Dub
album: Live from the Planet Crooklyn; label: Wordsound
Journalist - The Undertaker
album: Smoking Marijuana In the Whitehouse; label: CYG
Manasseh - Spectre Overseas
album: Manasseh presents Spectre: the Missing Two Weeks; label: Echo Beach
Burning Babylon - System A Vampire
album: Beat Beat Beat; label: Sound Shack Recordings
<<< DJ Baby Swiss at the Controls >>>
Aural Exciters - Emil (Night Rate)
album: Spooks In Space; label: Ze
Bad Manners - Are You Monster?
album: Rare and Fatty; label: Moon Ska
The Revolutionaires (Revolutionaries) - Big Foot
album: Gold Mine Dub; label: Greensleeves
Scientist - The Mummy's Shroud
album: Scientist Saves The World from the Evil Curse of the Vampires;
label: Greensleeves
DJ Spooky vs. Twilight Circus Dub Sound System - Dub Cultivator
album: Riddim Clash; label: M
Green Fandango - Intro
album: Sound Robbers from Outer Space; label: self release
we™ - Tombs and Tombs Only
album: as is. [Asphodel]
Yimino - Bat Food
album: Qeh 2004 [Ominim]
The Ventures - The 4th Dimension
album: ...In Space [EMI-Dolton]
Black Uhuru - Darkness
album: The Best of... [Universal]
Omars Attacks - She Is Not A Human!
album: "Strawberries from Outer Space" [Jamendo]

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Air Date: 
October 28, 2009