10/16/2009 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
Gay Beast - Pressing Hard
Album: New 7 Inch; Label: Gilgongo Records
Velvet Davenport - Lemon
Album: Lemon Drop Square Box; Label: Moon Glyph Tapes
Sharp Teeth - The Light
Album: Lines and Stars; Label:
Kill To Kill - Hater
Album: Fighter; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
Murzik - Only You
Album: Into The Darkness; Label: Pipeclub Records
The Swingdogs - Highway 53
Album: Iron Range Original Music Association Music Sampler #1; Label: IROMA
First Communion Afterparty - 2CB
Album: Sorry For All The Mondays And To Those Who Can't Sing; Label: Mpls Ltd
Brute Heart - Demons
Album: Brute Heart; Label:
Trip Shakespeare - Something In The Air
Album: Volt; Label: Black Hole Records
Falcon Arrow - Salvavidas
Album: ; Label:
Matheatre - Hyperboli
Album: C-Sections; Label:
Capital!Capital - Picture
Album: Antarctica; Label: SRC
Day Kit - What A New Idea!
Album: The Amazing Year 500,000; Label:
Knife World - International Clam
Album: Knife World; Label: Roaratorio
Rifle Sport - Exploding Man
Album: Live At The Entry; Label:
Rotten Living - Pick Your Poison
Album: Poison River Wreck Rat; Label:
Steve Tibbetts - Test
Album: Safe Journey; Label: ECM
Jon Rodine with Dave Ray and Tony Glover - So Glad For Your Sake
Album: Jon Rodine; Label: Mercy Records
Idynne - Work Song
Album: Sound; Label:
Cloud Cult - Moon's Thoughts
Album: They Live On The Sun; Label:
Air Date: 
October 16, 2009

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