10/5/2009 Health Notes


Gloria D. Karpinski is a holistic counselor, spiritual director, teacher and author. Her seminars as well as her individual indepth life attunements emphasize the relevancy of universal spiritual principles to everyday life and the interdynamics of mind, body, emotions and spirit. Gloria will be talking about her up-coming workshop - Poise in the midst of Chaos, Anchoring in Feminine Consciousness.

Antoinette Williams, Owner of Rituals, located in the Midtown Global Market. Antoinette has been blending herbs and, mixing balms and concoctions since she was a little girl, hanging out with my two Grandmothers, while the other children played. One of them taught me magical things in the kitchen-things strongly influenced by her African heritage. The other called up her ancestors' ancient knowledge when any person was ill. A huge photograph of her Cherokee Indian mother-in-law hung over her bed and boxes of pictures of relatives provided a focus for her practices... an ever-present reminder of their Being in our lives. We were instructed to inhale steam from pots sprinkled with herbs in boiling water. Our chests, backs and foot soles were smeared with often unpleasant smelling mixtures that always helped restore us to health. We rarely saw doctors or used pharmaceutical medications.

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October 5, 2009

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