9/23/2009 Echo Chamber


Another week with a batch of excellent new music. Brand new dubs from Pale Rider:http://www.cassavaouternational.com, a taste of the upcoming Noiseshaper album, a new single from The Angel:http://www.supacrucial.com (with Jhelisa), and the debut of LS symfHoney:http://www.myspace.com/landsmusic topped the list this week. The list continued with Tanesha (and a beautiful cover of Misty Blue); a track from More Univershall (the Springline Records benefit for Peter Broggs); some super-heavy new dubs from Tony Dubshot; and releases by Slavic Soul Party, James Whetzel, Groundation, Eric Blowtorch the Welders, The Black Seeds, and more...
Note: * indicates recent releases and newly re-released material

Playlist Tracks: 
*Pale Rider - Dubbing Youthman (feat. Saddest)
Album: Want To Go To Zion [EP]; Label: Cassava Outernational
*Noiseshaper - Big Shot (dub)
Album: Limited Radio EP; Label: Cat N' Roof
*LS symfHoney - Mr. Miss Injustice
Album: Out of Many...One Sound; Label: ?
Jah Wobble - Appalachian Mountain Dub
Album: Heart Soul; Label: Trojan
*The Angel (feat. Jhelisa) - Ultra Light
Album: Ultra Light [single]; Label: SupaCrucial
Supertronics - Sergent Ultra Dub
Album: ?; Label: ?
Sista M - You'd Better Be Good
Album: You'd Better Be Good [single]; Label: Sub Sub / Springline JA
*Tony Dubshot - Drink Milk
Album: N/A; Label: direct from artist
*Tony Dubshot - Queen of the Nudists
Album: N/A; Label: direct from artist
Dub Colossus - Ophir Dub
Album: A Town Called Addis; Label: Real World
*Groundation - By All Means
Album: Here I Am; Label: Young Tree
Groundation - Feel Jah's Dub
Album: Dub Wars; Label: Young Tree
*Tanesha - Misty Blue
Album: N/A; Label: direct from artist
Master Margherita - Perfect On Sunday (Protect Remix feat. Kali-Frogz)
Album: Mastura; Label: Electrik Dream
Hi-Fi Hustlers - Subsonik
Album: Rhythms [EP]; Label: Jamendo.com (download)
*Noiseshaper - We Rock It
Album: Limited Radio EP; Label: Cat N' Roof
I-Massive - Fingou Dub
Album: Fire; Label: Fresh Poulp
*James Whetzel - Passion In Patience
Album: My Road to Somewhere: Sarod and Beats; Label: FunkeTabla
Mean Deep - Goodabad
Album: Mean Deep; Label: FunkeTabla
*LS symfHoney - Far Far Away (Trance Mix)
Album: Out of Many...One Sound [bonus track]; Label: ?
Love Trio (feat U-Roy) - Version Galore
Album: Love Trio In Dub; Label: ?
*Reefermans Choice Dub (aka RMCdub) - Quarry Jams
Album: Dub You Cannot Stop; Label: Jamendo.com (download)
*Black Seeds - Make a Move Dub
Album: Solid Ground; Label: Easy Star
Easy Star All Stars feat. Max Romeo - Fixing A Hole
Album: Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band; Label: Easy Star
*Eric Blowtorch The Welders - Salt Water
Album: Salt Water [7 single]; Label: Bopaganda
*Eric Blowtorch The Welders - Vision of Alpha
Album: Most Dangerous Man (12); Label: Bopaganda
Lee Scratch Perry - Yellow Tongue
Album: The Mighty Upsetter; Label: On-U Sound
*Slavic Soul Party - Sviraj Srecko
Album: Taketron; Label: Barbes
Dry Heavy - Life In the Jungle
Album: Full Contact; Label: BSI
Dry Heavy - Less Is More
Album: Full Contact; Label: BSI
*Willie Steen - We Suffer
Album: More Univershall; Label: Springline Records
Twilight Archive - Flow of Know
Album: Ritual Fiction; Label: Electrophonogram
Dadawah - 72 Nations
Album: Nyahbinghi Box Set; Label: Trojan
The Dynamics - 7 Nation Army
Album: Version Excursions; Label: Groove Attack
Trifonic - Parks on Fire
Album: Sound System 01; Label: Nettwerk
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System - Carlton (Abintra remix)
Album: Remixed: Abstract Beats; Label: M Records
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System - Rolling Thunder (Parice Scott Minor remix)
Album: Remixed: Abstract Beats; Label: M Records
Roger O'Donnell - In Your Hands (feat. Lenka)
Album: Songs from the Silver Box; Label: Great Society/World's Fair
Burning Spear - Associate
Album: Living Dub V.1; Label: Heartbeat
Air Date: 
September 23, 2009