9/11/2009 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
Mathearte - Hyperboli
Album: C-Sections; Label:
Ada Jane - Down the Highway
Album: Again...Again; Label: P.A.W. Records
Lazlo Supreme - Whast Makes You Happy feat. Todd Boderwick
Album: ; Label:
Yoleus - Nightmarecirclevision
Album: Nightmarecirclevision; Label:
First Communion Afterparty - Cross Me
Album: Sorry For All The Mondays; Label:
Poor Nobodys - Witch of Agnesi
Album: Poor Nobodys; Label:
Black Blondie - Bye-Polar Bear
Album: Do You Remember Who You wanted To Be?; Label:
Haunted House - Forest Firre
Album: ; Label:
Swamp Twisters - Takin' My Time
Album: ; Label:
Paul Renz - First Impressionism
Album: In My Own Hands; Label:
Desdamona - Too big For My Skin
Album: The Source; Label: ZLink
Intergalactic Contemporary Ensemble - I Dig
Album: ; Label:
Mother of Fire - Winter
Album: Lambs; Label:
Cows - No, I'm Not Coming Out
Album: Sorry in Pig Minor; Label: Amphedamine Reptile
Blackwood Apolpgy - Here I am
Album: House of Leather; Label:
Gospel Gossip - Nashville
Album: Dreamland EP; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
Mathearte - Track 1
Album: C-Sections; Label:
Savage Aural Hotbed - Prines
Album: Cold is the Absence of Heat; Label:
Hymies Basement - Untitled
Album: ; Label:
Ladyslipper - Chicago
Album: The Time, Not The Weather; Label: Say Rah
Air Date: 
September 11, 2009

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