9/11/2009 Voice Cried Softly


FLIPPER: Sex Bomb (Sex Bomb Baby) Subterranean 1981
MOBY: Honey (Play) V2 1999
T. REX: Metal Guru (The Slider) Reprise 1972
TALK NORMAL: 33 (self) self 2008
CIRCULATORY SYSTEM: Rocks and Stones (Signal Morning) Cloud Recordings 2009
KLAUS NOMI: Ding Dong (The Witch Is Dead) (Simple Man) RCA 1982
CARCASS: Embryonic Necropsy and Devourment (Symphonies of Sickness) Earache 1989
LARKIN GRIMM: Dominican Rum (Parplar) Young God 2008
THE ISLEY BROTHERS: Nobody But Me (Twist and Shout) Wand 1962
ART BEARS: The Slave (Winter Songs) ReR 1979
SUNSET RUBDOWN: The Mending of the Gown (Random Spirit Lover) Jagjaguwar 2007
RODAN: Shiner The Everyday World of Bodies (Rusty) Quarterstick 1994
BOB DYLAN: I Want You (Blonde On Blonde) Columbia 1966
DIE MONITR BATSS: Spread YrLeggs, Release the Batss (Youth Controllers) Dim Mak 2003
BILL COSBY: Funky North Philadelphia (Hooray for the Salvation Army Band) Warner Brothers 1968
PONYTAIL: Beg Waves (Ice Cream Spiritual) We Are Free 2008
JOHN PARISH POLLY JEAN HARVEY: Rope Bridge Crossing (Dance Hall at Louse Point) Island 1996
UKE OF SPACES CORNERS: The Book of Tea (Flowers in the Night) Corleone 2009
THE BEACH BOYS: Let's Go Tripping (Beach Boys Concert) Capitol 1964
JAMES BROWN: Let a Man Come In and Do the Popcorn (Foundations of Funk--A Brand New Bag 1964-1969) Polydor 1969

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September 11, 2009

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