9/9/2009 Rockin' In Rhythm


Play list for 09-09-09

Ella Mae Morse – What Good’ll It Do Me – Barrelhouse, Boogie Blues – Bear Family

Ella Mae Morse – It’s Raining Tears from My Eyes – same as above

Bertice Reading – Tears of Joy – Honkin’ Hollerin – West Side

Johnny Pate – Swingin’ Sheppard Blues – 45 Federal

Nancy Wilson – How Glad I Am – Hard to Find 45’s – Eric

Nancy Wilson – Can’t Teach my Heart New Tricks – With My Lover Beside Me – Columbia

Monica Mancini – Ac-Cent-Tchu- Ate the Positive – Dreams of Johnny Mercer –

Monica Mancini – It Had Better be Tonight – same as above

Daryl Sherman – Peter Piper – Johnny Mercer Centennial –

Daryl Sherman – Dream – same as above

Chris Connor – Things are Swinging – Sweet Swinging – Progressive

Chris Connor – Just in Time – same as above

Chris Connor – Come Rain or Come Shine –Love Being Here with You – Stash

Chris Connor – Love Being Here with You – same as above

Buddy Holy – Everyday – Complete Buddy Holly – MCA/Coral

Buddy Holy – Raining in My Heart – same as above

Nighthawks – When Sin Stops – Teen Town USA Vol.2 – Lost Gold

Bill Parsons – Dance – All American RR from Fraternity – Ace

Bill Parsons – Absolutely Nothing – same as above

Bobby Bare – All American Boy – same as above

Bill Parsons – All American Boy – 45 Fraternity

Buddy Holy – It Doesn’t Matter Anymore – Complete Buddy Holly – MCA/Coral

Buddy Holy – True Love Ways – same as above

Monotones – Book of Love – Doo Wop Box – Rhino

Monotones – reading the Book of Love – Hull/Mascot Records – West Side

Heartbeats – Crazy for You – same as above

Shep the Limelights – Daddy’s Home – Best of the Heartbeats – Rhino

Monotones – Daddy’s Home but Mama’s Gone – Hull/Mascot – West Side

Pastels – So Far Away – Doo Wop Box – Rhino

Pastels – Don’t Knock – same as above

For the next hour I welcomed local author, bon vivant and man about town Julian West. We spent the hour talking about local kid’s TV programs from the 50’s and 60’s and playing a few audio clips from some of those shows. Julian has written a very interesting book titled “What a Card” about the life of local radio and TV personality Clellan Card.

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September 9, 2009

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