4/29/2007 Century Song


Today we heard music from Afghan Lute master Aziz Herawi (7/8Music), Music from Uyghers of China (Ocora), music from Armenian traditional musicians from Tavush (Inedit), Music from Azerbaijani Tar master Ostad Ali Salimi (Mahoor), music from German folk rockers Ougenweide (Bear), music from dutar master Haj Gorban Soeimani from Khorasan, Iran (Kereshmeh), music from Arabic group Masar (Incognito), and live music from the French group Les Yeux Noirs (World Village), and music from the Indian North/South group Ganga Kaveri.

During the second hour we had in studio guest Nirmala Rajasekar, the queen of the Veena with accompaniest, Srini on Mridangam.

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April 29, 2007

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