9/5/2009 RSE Radio

Playlist Tracks: 
Jay Z - Thank You
Album: Blueprint 3; Label: Roc Nation
The Breax - Blessed Beyond-Inst
Album: Restocked 1.5; Label: Eye Am
Janne Schaffer - Untitled
Album: Untitled; Label: Columbia
Mr. Lif - Pull Out Your Cut
Album: Pull Out Your Cut; Label: Def Jux
Lords of the Underground - Lord Jazz Hit Me One Time
Album: Lord Jazz Hit Me One Time; Label: Pendulum
Gangstarr - Hardcore Composer
Album: Hardcore Composer; Label: Chrysalis
Del - In Out
Album: In Out; Label: Elektra
MC Lyte - Rhyme Hangover
Album: Rhyme Hangover; Label: First Priority
Kurious - I'm Kurious
Album: I'm Kurious; Label: Columbia
Blackbyrds - Mysterious Vibes
Album: Mysterious Vibes; Label: Fanatsy
Mack Rice - Three People In Love
Album: Three People In Love; Label: Capitol
Thunder Lightening - Bumpin Bus Stop
Album: Bumpin Bus Stop; Label: Private Stock
Kool The Gang - Give It Up
Album: Give It Up; Label: De-Lite
Edan - Funky Rhymin
Album: Funky Rhymin; Label: White Label
MF DOOM - Vomitspit
Album: MM..FOOD; Label: Rhymesayers
Mashmakhan - As Years Go By
Album: As Years Go By; Label: Columbia
Jay Z - D.O.A.
Album: D.O.A.; Label: Roc Nation
The Clipse - Mr. Me Too-Inst
Album: Mr. Me Too; Label: Zomba
Felt - Protaganists-Inst
Album: Protaganists; Label: Rhymesayers
Felt - Protaganists
Album: Protaganists; Label: Rhymesayers
Grand Invincible - There's A Message
Album: There's A Message; Label: Zero Friends
Mayer Hawthorne - Maybe So Maybe No (King Most Edit)
Album: Maybe So Maybe No; Label: White Label
Bush Babees - Love Song
Album: Love Song; Label: Warner Bros
Black Eyed Peas - Fallin Up
Album: Fallin Up; Label: Interscope
De La Soul - Ego Trippin Pt. 2
Album: Ego Trippin Pt. 2; Label: Tommy Boy
Al Hirt - Harlem Hendoo
Album: Harlem Hendoo; Label: RCA
Ernie Hines - Our Generation
Album: Our Generation; Label: We Produce
Pete Rock CL Smooth - Straighten It Out
Album: Straighten It Out; Label: Elektra
Three Dog Night - Easy to Be hard
Album: Easy to Be hard; Label: Dunhill
Nice Smooth - Old to the New
Album: Old to the New; Label: Rush
Gary Wright - My Love is Alive
Album: My Love is Alive; Label: Warner Bros
Thin Lizzy - Johnny the Fox
Album: Johnny the Fox; Label: Vertigo
Nubian Crackers - Jazzy Old School Dub
Album: Jazzy Old School Dub; Label: Big Beat
DJ Shadow - The Number Song
Album: The Number Song; Label: Mo Wax
UNKLE - Drums of Death
Album: Drums of Death; Label: Mo Wax
Mux Mool - Night Court-Inst
Album: Night Court; Label: White label
BK-One - Here I Am
Album: Here I Am; Label: Rhymesayers
Joeski Love - Pee Wee Dance
Album: Pee Wee Dance; Label: Columbia
MC Boob - Do The Fila
Album: Do The Fila; Label: Three Way
Beastie Boys - Rock Hard
Album: Rock Hard; Label: Def Jam
Boogie Boys - Run It
Album: Run It; Label: Capitol
Rodney O. Joe Cooley - DJ's and MC's
Album: DJ's and MC's; Label: Egyptian Empire
Gucci Crew II - Gucci Bass
Album: Gucci Bass; Label: Gucci
Fearless Four - Rockin It
Album: Rockin It; Label: CBS
Supreme Force - You Gotta Come Out Fresh
Album: You Gotta Come Out Fresh; Label: NIA
Mantronix - Hardcore Hip Hop
Album: Hardcore Hip Hop; Label: Sleeping Bag
Marley Marl MC Shan - Marley Marl Scratch
Album: Marley Marl Scratch; Label: NIA
Divine Sounds - Do or Die Bed Stuy
Album: Do or Die Bed Stuy; Label: Reality
Jimmy Spicer - Dollar Dollar Bill Yall
Album: Dollar Dollar Bill Yall; Label: Spring
Whistle - Just Buggin
Album: Just Buggin; Label: Ariola
Spyder D - Smerphie's Dance
Album: Smerphie's Dance; Label: Telestar
Whodini - Haunted House of Rap
Album: Haunted House of Rap; Label: Jive
Derek B - Rock the Beat
Album: Rock the Beat; Label: Profile
Salt N Pepa - Shake Your Thing
Album: Shake Your Thing; Label: High Fashion
EPMD - Its Your Thing
Album: Its Your Thing; Label: Fresh
House of Pain - Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix)
Album: Jump Around; Label: Tommy Boy
DJ Day - BBQ The Police
Album: BBQ The Police; Label: White Label
Eric B Rakim - I Aint No Joke
Album: I Aint No Joke; Label: 4th Broadway
The '06 Style - Get it Going
Album: Get it Going; Label: G.I.G.
Brand Nubian - Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down
Album: Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down; Label: Elektra
Beatnuts - Are You Ready
Album: Are You Ready; Label: Relativity
Gangstarr - Take It Personal
Album: Take It Personal; Label: Chrysalis
Biz Markie - The Do Do
Album: The Do Do; Label: Cold Chillin
Brother Ali - Fresh Air-Inst
Album: Fresh Air; Label: Rhymesayers
Brother Ali - Fresh Air
Album: Fresh Air; Label: Rhymesayers
Air Date: 
September 5, 2009