8/21/2009 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
Mark Mallman - You're Never Alone in New York
Album: Invincible Criminal; Label: Badman
Trio Tipo - Costa del Sol
Album: Costa del Sol; Label: s.r.
The Pines - Pray Tell
Album: Tremolo; Label: Red House
Estate - Nine Divide
Album: Vacation; Label: s.r.
Ghost in the Water - Magic Wand (Funk Mix)
Album: Cardinal Red EP; Label: Hidden Shoal
Now Now, Every Children - Not One, But Two
Album: Not One, But Two EP; Label: s.r.
Slapping Purses - Soul Crushing Beats
Album: untitled; Label: s.r.
Cloud Cult - Breakfast With My Shadow
Album: Aurora Borealis; Label: Earthology
The Painted Saints - Lights Hang Low on the Cotton Trees
Album: Twin Town High Volume 8; Label: s.r.
Halloween, Alaska - A New Stain
Album: Too Tall to Hide; Label: East Side Digital
The Blind Shake - Wexford Scramble
Album: Carmel; Label: Learning Curve Records
Birthday Suits - Twin Cities Bridge is Falling Down
Album: Cherry Blue; Label: Nice and Neat
Murzik - Kosovo
Album: Buried; Label: Pipe Club
Heiruspecs - Memory
Album: Small Steps; Label: Interlock
Prof and St.Paul Slim - Rocketman Remix
Album: Recession Music; Label: s.r.
Mel Gibson and the Pants - Paper Shaper Shifter
Album: Manequin American; Label: Totally Gross National Product
Ashtray Hearts - untitled
Album: Perfect Halves; Label:
Halo of Flies - Tired and Cold
Album: Big Mod Hate Trip 45; Label: Amphetamine Reptile Records
the Brimstones - Satan's Crate
Album: Satan's Crate 45; Label: CAD Records
Digitata - Weak Teeth
Album: Art Work Pays; Label: Totally Grost National Product
Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles - Peachy Keen
Album: Orange Peels and Rattlesnakes; Label: s.r.
Prince - Uptown
Album: Ultimat 2 disc set; Label: Warner Bros.
Air Date: 
August 21, 2009

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