8/12/2009 Echo Chamber


Another batch of brand new dub and roots...and a special Birthday Bash mix for daughter too. Brand new albums from Zion Train:http://www.wobblyweb.com/zt/ (on _Universal Egg_) and Inner Circle:http://innercircle-reggae.com/ (on _Shanachie_) , along with new releases from More Fyah Dub, The Egg Plant:http://www.myspace.com/theeggplanet, Jiang Liang meets Jah Billah, Citizen Sound, Toy, and others. Also in the mix: Blue Beat Players, Adrian Sherwood, 100th Monkey, Eating Betty, St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review, jazz great Lionel Hampton, and more.
Note: * indicates recent releases and newly re-released material

Playlist Tracks: 
*Zion Train / Bungalo Dub - Why
Album: Live As One Remixes; Label: Universal Egg
*Inner Circle - State of Da World
Album: State of Da World; Label: Shanachie 64056
*Jiang Liang meets Jah Billah - Dubwise Revolution
Album: N/A; Label: direct from artist
*Inner Circle / Mutabaruka - Intro
Album: State of Da World; Label: Shanachie
*More Fyah Dub - Conexion
Album: THC Factor; Label: direct from artist
*Toy - Are You Looking At Me
Album: Dub Works; Label: Jamendo.com (download)
*Citizen Sound - Tuff Dub (feat. Prince Blanco)
Album: N/A; Label: direct from artist
*Natasja - Calabria 2008
Album: Shooting Star; Label: Makasound
*Santo-Fu - Elemental
Album: Yuyo; Label: Jamendo.com (download)
*** Dr. StrangeDub's Birthday Bash mix for Amanda *********** -
Album: ; Label:
Soldier Red Lion Army - Happy Birth Dub [excerpt]
Album: N/A; Label: download
Sardinia Bass Legalize - Born Here (extended mix)
Album: Sardinia Bass Legalize; Label: aquietbump
Cristina D'Avena - Il Ballo Di Timidy E Sciarpina
Album: Hamtaro - Italian TV soundtrack; Label: N/A (download)
All India Radio - Persist
Album: Fall; Label: Inevitable / Minty Fresh
*Gretchen Parlato - I Can't Help It
Album: In A Dream; Label: ObliqSound
Jah Wobble Presents Zi Lan Liao - The Five Tone Dragon
Album: The Five Tone Dr; Label: 30 Hertz
********************************* -
Album: ; Label:
Prince Fatty - Milk and Honey
Album: Survival of the Fattest; Label: Rasa Music
*Roots ISta Posse - African Massive (Hard Dub Cut)
Album: Roots Dub Chamber; Label: Fresh Poulp
*The Egg Plant - Glidepath
Album: Space Cubed EP; Label: Mouth_in_Foot
*Zion Train / Rob Smith - Boxes and Amps
Album: Live As One Remixes; Label: Universal Egg
*Inner Circle - Smoke Gets In My Eyes (feat. Damian and Stephen Marley)
Album: State of Da World; Label: Shanachie
*Jah Seal - Itopian Dub
Album: Itopia; Label: Irieland Music
*Dubamix - Acting Dub (LRU Mix)
Album: Mix A Dub; Label: Jamendo.com (download)
*Pacifika - Sweet (Unitone Main Mix)
Album: Sweet Remixes; Label: Six Degrees
Eating Betty - Not An English Dub
Album: Every Spoil A Dub; Label: ACEtone
*Relaxo - Hit Dem Tappa
Album: N/A; Label: direct from artist
King Tubby - Luke Lane Rock
Album: Roots Society ( akaKing Tubby meets Upsetter at the Grassroots of Dub); Label: Esoldun
*Bombay Dub Orchestra - Monsoon Malabar
Album: 3 Cities In Dub; Label: Six Degrees
*Skatalites - Fidel Castro
Album: Stretching Out; Label: ROIR
Mutant Frogs - A 5th of Funn
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: IMT-Skankworks
Lionel Hampton - It's Time for Peace
Album: Stop! I Don't Need Your Sympathy; Label: Brunswick
Mutant Frogs - Spiral Arms Dub
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: IMT-Skankworks
Blue Beat Players - Space Summer
Album: Torrid Rock; Label: Second City
Adrian Sherwood - Boogaloo
Album: Never Trust A Hippy; Label: RealWorld
Andreas Tilliander - Stockpiled Safety
Album: Elit; Label: Mille Plateaux
Roy Burrowes, Clifford Jordan Charles Davis - Wet Land
Album: Reggae au go Jazz; Label: Studio 1
Lonnie Liston Smith - Astral Traveling
Album: Astral Traveling; Label: Bluebird
St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review - Wounded Lion
Album: Too Good to Be True; Label: Megalith
100th Monkey - Hoffman Dub
Album: Planet Dub [various artists]; Label: Planet Dog / Mammoth
Mutant Frogs - Dr. Skankin' Frank vs. the Time Frog
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: IMT-Skankworks
Air Date: 
August 12, 2009