7/24/2009 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
Eyedea and Abilities - This Story
Album: By The Throat; Label: Rhymesayers Entertainment
Ada Jane - Down the Highway
Album: Again...Again; Label: P.A.W Records
City On The Make - Keep This on Fire
Album: Mass Proj. Engineering; Label: s.r.
France Has the Bomb - Invisible Angel
Album: 7; Label: Hozac Records
red pens - stay small
Album: don't be sane ep+more; Label: s.r.
Aviette - Ruling Planets
Album: Who the hell can draw fire? (DEMOS); Label: s.r.
Strangelights - Lunatron
Album: Evius; Label: Susstones
The Sunny Era - The Famous Tale of the Poetic Edda
Album: This Darkness of Love; Label: Dobra Silenus Records
Chris Koza - winning the lottery
Album: Exity Pesce; Label: s.r.
Daughterso of the Sun - Gong the Divider
Album: Rings; Label: Modern Radio
The Poor Nobodys - Witch of Agnesi
Album: The Poor Nobodys; Label: s.r.
Tapes 'N Tapes - Le Ruse
Album: Walk it Off; Label: XL recordings
To Kill a Petty Bourgouisie - Untitled
Album: Untitled; Label: s.r.
Glorious Monster - Space Oddity - 2010 mix
Album: in the movies remix ep; Label: Skeptic
Think Tank - Stare at the Screen
Album: Single; Label: Hakatak Intl.
Skoal Kodiak - Untitled
Album: Untitled; Label: s.r.
Vampire Hands - Neros Neptune
Album: Paradise Knife Fights; Label: Tree House
The Divebomb Honey - Get Up
Album: The Divebomb Honey; Label: Jilted Records
Eyedea and Abilities - Bum Fetish
Album: By The Throat; Label: Rhymesayers
El Guante - Esta Tarde
Album: El Guante; Label: Speakeasy Records
Husker Du - Makes no Sense at All
Album: Flip Your Wig; Label: SST Records
Dynamites - Do the Do as You're Told
Album: ; Label:
His Michief - Rock Song (Hyperopia)
Album: ; Label:
Air Date: 
July 24, 2009

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