7/23/2009 Fresh Fruit


*The Y Factor: Y is for Youth*

Host: Pat Nelson
Guests: Ryan Haynes and the crew from FYI Radio (London, UK), and Amy Snyder and Sue Pohl from the Kulture Klub Collaborative.

Our partnership with FYI Radio continues with the Pride Show: songs and commentary by a staff and crew devoted to and who are a part of queer youth 16-30.

Then Amy and Sue from the Kulture Klub Collaborative share their experiences working with the combination of art and homeless youth. The collaborative will be having an Art Gives evening on July 31st.

For more on FYI Radio, click here:http://www.fyiradio.net

For more on the Kulture Klub Collaborative, click here:http://www.kultureklub.org

Playlist Tracks: 
William Orbit - Water Babies
Album: Strange Cargo III; Label: Virgin
Culture Club - It's A Miracle
Album: Greatest Moments; Label: Virgin
Yulara - Horizon
Album: Cosmic Tree; Label: Higher Octave Music