7/17/2009 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
Lusurfer - Surf Bloody Surf
Album: Vulgur Display of Reverb; Label: Chump City
Kitten Forever - Mind Meld
Album: Magical Realism; Label: UF Records
Gospel Gossip - Nashville
Album: Dreamland EP; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
Prince - Pop Life
Album: Pop Life LP; Label: Paisley Park Records
the Poor Nobodys - Pillaged Wealth
Album: the Poor Nobodys; Label: s.r.
Crankshaft - Sugar High
Album: Suckin' Gas Haulin' Ass; Label: s.r.
Crescent Moon is in Big Trouble - Where the Cutthroats Stay
Album: Crescent Moon is in Big Trouble; Label: Afternoon Records
Koerner, Ray, Glover - Whomp Bom
Album: Blues Rags and Hollers; Label: Elektra Records
Red Pens - Panama
Album: Don't Be Sane EP + more; Label: s.r.
Falcon Arrow - Frog Lock
Album: Falcon Arrow EP; Label: s.r.
Brothers Quetico - Hang
Album: Folk Art is the New Regular Art; Label: ADD
Coach Said Not To - Bus Stop Birthday
Album: Mini Series; Label: s.r.
the Bad Plus - Lithium (with Wendy Lewis)
Album: Perf Arts Season Sampler CD; Label: s.r.
Technique Niquee - Vercingetorix
Album: substitutes for learning; Label: s.r.
the Chambermaids - 21st
Album: the Chambermaids; Label: Modern Radio Record Label
Terracide - the Virus
Album: The Dead; Label: s.r.
Murzik - Bluebird
Album: Dreams; Label: s.r.
Slapping Purses - Electrafresca
Album: Diamonds Are Forever; Label: s.r.
Cold Front - Beyond the Beat (radio edit)
Album: Beyond the Beat; Label: s.r.
Tender Meat - unknown
Album: live at Heliotrope 6; Label: s.r.
Halloween, Alaska - State Trooper
Album: Halloween, Alaska; Label: s.r.
Air Date: 
July 17, 2009

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