7/15/2009 Echo Chamber


Tonight we launched a special entitled Lunar Lunacy: One Giant Leap for Dubkind commemoratrating the 40th anniversary of 1st moon landing. From the Dub Side of the Moon album, to three versions of Walking on the Moon we travelled to the outer reaches of the known universe...in search of dub and other space funk. Also tonight: brand new releases by Jeck Pilpil Peacepipe and Kukan Dub Lagan.

Playlist Tracks: 
Easy Star All Stars - Great Dub In the Sky
Album: Dub Side of the Moon; Label: Easy Star
Subatomic Sound System - Walking On the Moon
Album: Northern Faction 4; Label: Balanced
Okada Super Sound / Benjamin Zephaniah - Walking On the Moon
Album: DubXanne; Label: Echo Beach
Channel U - Destination Moon (Chimp Beams Remix)
Album: Ape-Man Talking; Label: Concent Productions
*Jeck Pilpil Peacepipe - Rise Up
Album: Mabuhay Revolution; Label: Galaxy Records
*Kukan Dub-Lagan - Sunset With MikelaBella
Album: New Life, New Vision (upcoming release); Label: MikelaBella
Jeff Dread - Little Green Men
Album: The Merchant of Dub Episode II: Return from Alpha One; Label: Creative Vibes
Big Spaceship - Taking Tea On the Sunny Side of Saturn
Album: Dream On; Label: Karmic Hit
The Disciples - Celestial Dub
Album: The Infinite Density of Dub; Label: Dubhead
The Vulcans - Journey Into Space
Album: Star Trek; Label: Trojan
Omars Attacks / TurnTableTerrorist - Day of the Strawberries/She's Not Human (TurnTableTerrorist's The Day the Mix Stood Still Mix)
Album: Strawberries from Outer Space; Label: Jamendo.com (download)
Tooth - Next Stage Capricorn
Album: Sirens From Here to Titan; Label: Soft Records
Tooth - Operation Soft Frog
Album: Sirens From Here to Titan; Label: Soft Records
Steffe - Zero Gravity
Album: Bubbled Up On Dub Vol. 1: Natural Progression; Label: Gliss
Drain - A Bunch of Guys About to Turn Blue
Album: Offspeed and In There; Label: Trance Syndicate Records
Johannes Bergmark - Communists From Outer Space [This track overlayed the next two tracks listed]
Album: N/A; Label: download (from Internet Archive)
Genetic Drugs Jasmon - Lost Frequencies
Album: Spacecake; Label: Black Flame
Doctor Echo - Star Dub
Album: Echo Evahlastin’; Label: Annica
Tassilli Players - One Giant Dub for Mankind
Album: An Atlas Of World Dub; Label: Universal Egg
Green Fandango - Intro + Dubinfection
Album: Sound Robbers from Outer Space; Label: self release
Dubblestandart / Lee Scratch Perry - Chase the Devil
Album: Return From Planet Dub; Label: Collision - Cause of Chap. 3
Culture / Scientist - Intergalactic Excursion
Album: Scientist Dubs Culture Into A Parallel Universe; Label: Trojan
Full Moon Scientist - Lunar Base Dub
Album: Planet Dub [various artists]; Label: Planet Dog
Jah Wobble Deep Space - The Competition of Supermassive Black Holes and Galactic Spheroids in the Destruction of Globular Clusters
Album: Deep Space; Label: 30 Hertz
Wally Badarou - Theme from The Lunatic
Album: The Lunatic [Soundtrack]; Label: Mango/Island
Mutant Frogs - Cassini at Titan
Album: Warts 'n' all; Label: IMT-Skankworks
Donald R. Schmidt, etc. - various pieces
Album: UFO Crash at Roswell - An Audio Documentary; Label: Baraka
Omars Attacks - Way Of Moon
Album: Strawberries from Outer Space; Label: Jamendo.com (download)
Emo - High In The Sky
Album: This Is My Home; Label: Stereo Deluxe
Leith Stevens - On The Surface Of The Moon
Album: Destination: Moon [soundtrack]; Label: Citadel
The Cosmic Rays (ft. Sun Ra) - Black Sky and Blue Moon
Album: Spaceship Lullaby; Label: Atavistic
Irish Moss - Space Time Blues Version
Album: Dubnight Vol. 2 [various artists]; Label: reggae-town.de / bigvibez.com
Mr. Symarip (a.k.a. Roy Ellis) - Skinheads Them Crash the Moon
Album: Skinheads Dem A Come; Label: Jump Up!
Ela Lamblin - Cosmogenesis
Album: Orbitones, Spoon Harps Bellowphones [various artists]; Label: Ellipsis Arts
Full Moon Scientist - Exit of Ambient Sense
Album: Planet Dub [various artists]; Label: Planet Dog
Lucia Pamela - Walking on the Moon
Album: Incredibly Strange Music vol. 2 [various artists]; Label: REsearch/Asphodel
Chris Zippel - Space Dock
Album: Chillicious [various artists]; Label: Waveform
Air Date: 
July 15, 2009