7/4/2009 Strictly Butter


Guest host and DJ: Jeremy Brezovan

Nightmares on Wax, Aftermath
Warp 10+2, Warp Records

Autechre, Sal Batardes
Warp 10+3, Warp Records

Om Unit, Scatterclocks
Bleep Compilation v. 1, exclusive @ bleep.com

Scannerfunk, Vault
Wave of Light By Wave of Light, Sulphur

Polygon Window, Supremacy II
Surfing on Sine Waves, Warp Records


Mira Calix, ms. meteo (poolside mix) / skin with me
one on one, Warp Records

The Black Dog, Psil-Cosyin
Spanners, Warp Records

B12, Metropolis
Electro-Soma, Warp Records

Drexciya, Astronomical Guidepost
Grava 4, clone


LFO, LFO [Leeds Warehouse mix]
Warp 10+2, Warp Records

Datathief, Night Raid
0161, Skam

kid 606, ps I love you (autobahn remix)
ps you love me, Mille Plateaux

System 7, Altitude (Easy Life Mix)
System Express, Butterfly


Autechre, Doctrine
Incunabula, Warp Records

Ken Ishii, Overlap (Dave Angel Remix)
Overlap, RS

burger/ink, do the strand
las vegas, Matador

Seefeel, Spangle
Artificial Intelligence II, Warp Records

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Air Date: 
July 4, 2009

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