6/12/2009 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
the Brutes - This Science Works For Us
Album: the Brutes; Label: s.r.
Coach Said Not To - Bus Stop Birthday
Album: Mini Series; Label: s.r.
Chastity Brown - Woman Gotta Move
Album: Sankofa; Label: s.r.
Birthday Suits - Flying Man Y2K
Album: 7 split w/ Peelander Z; Label: Crustacean
Disasteratti - Black Ice
Album: the Midnight Creep EP; Label: Touch and Go
Pretty Boy Thorson and the Falling Angels - Tight Ship
Album: Take it Easy...; Label: A.D.D.
Mark Mallman - Hardcore Romantics
Album: Mr. Serious; Label: Badman Recordings
Spaghetti Western String Company - Torino
Album: Do Right By People; Label: Adonis Music
Koerner, Glover, Ray - Honey Bee
Album: Lot's More-Blues, Rags and Hollers; Label: Elektra
Velvet Davenport - Ocean Summertime
Album: Happy Ending; Label: s.r.
the Nightinghales - Don't Pretend
Album: No Looking Back; Label: Folked Tongues
Awesome Snakes - Shut Up!
Album: Venom; Label: Crustacean
the Suburbs - Love Is the Law
Album: Love Is the Law; Label: Mercury
the Wallets - Totally Nude
Album: the Wallets; Label: Twin Tone
Halo of Flies - Easy or Hard
Album: Headburn; Label: Twin Tone
Plastic Chord - Weather Vanes and Lightning Rods
Album: Electric Tendrils; Label: s.r.
the Replacements - I Will Dare
Album: Let It Be; Label: Twin Tone
Man-Sized Action - Claustrophobia
Album: Man-Sized Action; Label: Reflex
Eyedea Abilities - Paradise
Album: E A; Label: RSE
Prof St. Paul Slim - Broadcasting featuring P.O.S.
Album: unknown; Label: s.r.
Michelle Glaser - Daybreak
Album: ...and the Piano Fell in Love; Label: s.r.
Suicide Commandos - Attacking the Beat
Album: the Suicide Commandos Make a Record; Label: Blank
Crow - Evil Woman
Album: Twin Cities Rocks! compilation; Label: Stereo 101 FM
Estate - Let Her Know
Album: Vacation; Label: s.r.
Slapping Purses - untitled
Album: untitled; Label: s.r.
Air Date: 
June 12, 2009

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