5/30/2009 This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'

Playlist Tracks: 
The Sirens - Don't Slander Me
Album: self titled; Label: Get Hip Recordings
The Hells - He's the Devil but I Love Him So
Album: 7 EP; Label: Artrocker
Cheryll Pam - That's my Guy
Album: Destroy that Boy - More Girls with Guitars Vol. 2; Label: Ace
Cecilia - J'aime Penser Qu'un Jour
Album: 7 EP; Label: Dionsysus
The 5678's - Woo Hoo
Album: Bomb the Rocks; Label: Time Bomb Records
Cathy Saunders - Stop that Lyin'
Album: 7; Label: Edit
Jeannie the Big Guys - Don't Lie to Me
Album: Here Come the Girls Vol. 10; Label: Castle/Sequel
The Neanderdolls - He Lied
Album: Today's Top Girl Groups Vol. 1; Label: Spin Out Records
The Barbary Coasters - He Lied
Album: The Libertine Philosphy of...; Label: Hillside
The Barbary Coasters - It's a Lie
Album: same as above; Label:
Jackie Shannon with the Cajuns - Just Another Lie
Album: Good Girls Gone Bad; Label: Ace
Molly Bee - Johnny Liar
Album: Girls from Hideaway Heaven Vol. 2; Label: Rare Rockin' Records
Jenny and the Rascals - You Told me a Lie
Album: From the Kitchen to the Garage; Label: Waterpipe Records
Brenda the Tabulations - Lies Lies Lies
Album: Right on the Tip of my Tongue; Label: Jamie
Margo Guryan - Shine
Album: 25 Demos; Label: Franklin Castle
Lily Allen - Who'd Have Known
Album: It's not Me It's You; Label: EMI
Enoch Light and the Light Brigade - Marakesh Express
Album: Permissive Polyphonics; Label: Project 3
Emotions - Flowers
Album: title cut; Label: Columbia
Bonnie Davis - Pepper Hot Baby
Album: 7; Label: Decca
Project X - Don't you Think it's Fine
Album: Destroy that Boy; Label: Ace
Martha Reeves the Vandellas - Nowhere to Run
Album: Best Of; Label: Motown
Jeff/the Atlantics - I'll Find Him
Album: Girls in the Garage Vol. 5; Label: Romulan
Jackie DeShannon - Did He Call Today Mama
Album: Breakin' it up on The Beatles Tour; Label: RPM
Ruby Johnson - What More can a Woman Do
Album: I'll Run your Hurt Away; Label: Stax
Dash Dot - My First Love Letter
Album: 7; Label: Skyla
The Charmettes - School Letter
Album: Queens of King - The King Girl Groups; Label: Ace
Jane Benson - Surrendering
Album: 7; Label: Atco
The Twilights - I Think I'm Gonna fall in Love with You
Album: Femme Pop from the President Vault; Label: President
Suzy Dickerson - The Great Lover
Album: 7; Label: Trey
Liz Seneff - Keep it to Yourself
Album: 7; Label: Gateway Records
Patty Lace the Petticoats - Sneaky Sue
Album: Where the Girls Are; Label: Impact
Toni McCann - No
Album: Destroy that Boy; Label: Ace
The Brownettes - Baby Don't you Know
Album: 7; Label: King
The Satin Bells - When You're Ready
Album: 7; Label: Shamley
The Short Fuses - Lose It
Album: self-titled; Label: Jet Star Records
The Boyettes - Rock It
Album: 7 EP; Label: Wigwam
Les Terribles - Yeah Yeah
Album: self-titled; Label: Dionysus
Air Date: 
May 30, 2009

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