5/29/2009 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
Gay Beast - Aspirin
Album: Second Wave; Label: Skin Graft
Tim Sparks - The Alligator Crawl
Album: Sidewalk Blues; Label: ToneWoods Records
Stan Galley - Minneapolis/St. Paul There's No Place I'd Rather Be
Album: single; Label: s.r.
His Mischief - Veins
Album: The Perfect Lover; Label: Modern Radio
The Milo Fine Free Jazz Ensemble - untitled
Album: Get Down! It's Tango Time!; Label: Shih Shih Wu Ai Records
Michael Yonkers - The Big Balloon
Album: Michael Yonkers 7; Label: s.r.
The Poor Nobodys - Witch of Agnesi
Album: The Poor Nobodys; Label: s.r.
Knife World - Whole Down a Hole
Album: untitled; Label: s.r.
Gay Witch Abortion - Group Think
Album: Maverick; Label: Learning Curve
Flavor Crystals - Guppython
Album: Flavor Crystals; Label: Mpls Ltd.
Tender Meat - Christmas Roast
Album: untitled EP; Label: s.r.
Vampire Hands - Queen Juno
Album: Two EPs LP; Label: Nero's Neptune
Skoal Kodiak - Nerve Dice
Album: Thre People Keep Having Grape Emergencies; Label: s.r.
Slapping Purses - Electrafresca
Album: Diamonds Are Forever; Label: s.r.
International Novelty Gamelan - Fez
Album: Menagerie; Label: s.r.
Paul Metzger - Geschenk
Album: Gedanken=Splitter; Label: Roaratorio
Zibra Zibra - International Allen
Album: The End of the Lion; Label: s.r.
Gypsy - Is That News?
Album: Unlock the Gates; Label: RCA
TVBC - Seven Eight
Album: Gone; Label: s.r.
Seawhores - Butterfly Wings of Steel
Album: Forest; Label: Essay
Man Is Doomed - Disco Angel
Album: Escape to Europa; Label: s.r.
Salubrious Vertebrae - Ambidron
Album: Solubrious Vertebrae; Label: Phonogram Rendition and Root of Evil Records
Roy McBride Willie Murphy - Convergence
Album: Traffic - the Lost Tapes; Label: s.r.
Air Date: 
May 29, 2009

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