3/25/2009 Strive to Thrive


Truth to Tell:http://www.kfai.org/node/682 presents _Local Green Jobs: Poverty Killers_

_Poverty's ugly head continues to pester a culture claiming to be equal in all respects. Many Minnesotans believe we're not as bad as other places. But thousands of Minnesota's children and families wallow in unnecessary poverty, hundreds homeless, unable to find work, to eat properly and to learn; Poverty's effects have been and can be even more devastating for all of us...if we look back and down and not ahead._

_But huge coalitions are forming nationally and locally toward lifting whole communities out of the mire and create sustainable and livable communities at the same time._

_TTT's Andy Driscoll and Lynnel Mickelson talk with one national and several Twin City movers and inspirations for building and rebuilding poverty-stricken communities with jobs and foresight._

This program was re-broadcast on May 14, 2009 at 8:30pm

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March 25, 2009

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