5/25/2009 CHAT Radio: Hmong Arts Culture


Cooking from the Heart is the first cookbook to clearly set out the culinary traditions of the Hmong people as well as the cultural significance such traditions hold. The recipes are accompanied by anecdotes, stories, and poems that demonstrate the importance of food and cooking in Hmong culture, and they offer a dramatic perspective on the immigrant experience. We explain diet restrictions and taboos as well as how herbs and foods are traditionally used for healing purposes. The oral tradition by which these recipes have been passed down has meant that Hmong cooking has not yet reached a wide audience in the United States. While designed for an American kitchen, Cooking from the Heart encourages readers to seek out Hmong herbs and vegetables only recently introduced in the United States. After all, the essence of Hmong cuisine is cooking with an adventurous and creative spirit - from the heart.

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FIRE - Spoken Word
Album: The H Project; Label: CHAT
Ill Ego Aliens - 3rd World Poetry
Album: The H Project; Label: CHAT
Shattered Echoz - Peb Haiv
Album: The H Project; Label: CHAT
Delicious Venom - 30 Year Secret
Album: The H Project; Label: CHAT
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May 25, 2009