March 5, 2014
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Whole Music Club, Coffman Union
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July 2, 2013
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Fine Line Music Café
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$10 in advance; $12 at the door
April 20, 2013
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Wellstone Center

Andy Driscoll, longtime KFAI volunteer and host of Truth To Tell, passed away on Sunday, July 20th at the age of 74. Andy had spent years in a struggle against pulmonary disease, and within the past year he went through chemotherapy for esophageal cancer and endured a series of strokes. In spite of the challenges, Andy continued to work with his Truth To Tell team to produce compelling radio programs through his nonprofit organization, Civic Media Minnesota.

Andy’s final KFAI broadcast was a conversation on June 23rd about the recent trials of the Minnesota Orchestra and the renewed excitement of classical music fans with the signing of a musician contract and the return of Osmo Vanska. Appropriately, Andy’s sign-off was followed by another rich, deep voice – a cello played by the orchestra’s own Tony Ross. The audio of that program is included on this page.

A tribute to Andy is in the planning stages.

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Believe it or not, it’s already time for families to start thinking about children going back to school. Back-to-school supplies are an expense for every family – and for some the cost is prohibitive.

To address this situation, an Edina-based business brokerage firm, the Calhoun Companies, has formed a partnership with Ace in the City, a non-profit organization based in the Powderhorn neighborhood of Minneapolis. Together they’re assembling backpacks full of school supplies as a way to help neighborhood families prepare for the beginning of the year, and also to raise funds for Ace in the City’s after-school programs.

Andy Kocemba is President of Calhoun Companies and Tim Anderson is Executive Director of Ace in the City. They talked with KFAI’s Janis Lane-Ewart, who asked the pair why they had decided to form a partnership to provide backpacks.

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Recently, The Metropolitan Council announced the release of a regional transit equity plan that promises to invest in bus rapid transit and light rail transit, in order to improve service to what the council describes as “racially concentrated areas of poverty and job centers throughout the region.”

The plan, which is to be implemented over the next five to fifteen years, also calls for increasing the number of bus shelters in these areas.

The Metro Council has opened the plan for public comment, and one of the first organizations to weigh in was ISAIAH, a non-profit coalition of over 100 congregations from various faith traditions working on establishing racial and economic justice.

Recently, KFAI’s Yvette Howie spoke with ISAIAH’s Strategic Campaign Coordinator Lars Negstad. Negstad attended a meeting where the plan was to be released, but he called the result “… a bit confusing.”

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Tune in Thursday, July 17, 2014 at 7pm to hear a mixed bag of queer-a-licious theater, music & dance. A menagerie of guests from the Minnesota Fringe Festival come on Fresh Fruit to talk about their shows with LGBTQ content, creators, and/or performers. Each guest gets 5 minutes to plug their show and then it’s on to the next. It’s crazy, kooky and queer!

To create a totally joyous life, a life of your dreams? Some people have read book after book on the subject, and they still haven’t managed to make it happen. (Not their fault, really – the instructions just haven’t been clear enough, or easy enough to implement into daily life).

Well, according to Boni Lonnsburry, you already HAVE what it takes. You’ve had it all along. Sometimes though we just need a little help finding it, and to be shown how to use it.

Boni’s been working with the principles of “conscious creation” (also known as “manifestation”) for nearly thirty years – studying and working with dozens (if not HUNDREDS) of teachers, authors, and healers.

Boni has also looked inward, and scoured her own conscious and subconscious minds for what caused her most disappointing and painful realities, as well as the most successful and triumphant ones. Then she painstakingly broke down every area of her life and, bit by bit, built it back up exactly the way she wanted it.

And when she was done, she collected everything together and created…“The Map”

Health Notes Airs Mondays 6:30 – 7:30PM


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