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h2. KFAI Kicks Off Fall Pledge Drive October 11th


Georgette Pfannkuch Remembered

by Caryl Minnetti and Pam Hill Kroyer
Georgette PfannkuchGeorgette Pfannkuch KFAI mourns the loss of Georgette Pfannkuch, programmer and founder of Bonjour Minnesota since 1984. Georgette passed away on Saturday, September 13th, at her home, surrounded by her family. She leaves behind her husband, Olaf, sons Georges and Johannes, daughters Karin and Barbara, and grandaughters Josephine and Isabelle. She will also be dearly missed by her childrens' spouses, many listeners, and friends.

Georgette was born in Paris where she trained for radio performance. She also appeared there in stage plays and in film before coming to Minnesota in the 1960s with her husband, Olaf, a professor in geology at the University of Minnesota.

In the Twin Cities, she founded and led a theater group, les Amis du Theatre, who performed in French at Hamline University in the '70s and '80s.

At KFAI, Georgette played music from the 19th-21st centuries from her extensive collection, and the newest music from the French government. She did great interviews of musicians (Paris Combo, Nana Mouskouri, Dan Newton), film directors (Regis Warnier), and celebrities (Marcel Marceau).

KFAI was honored to submit a letter of recommendation for Georgette to receive the Palmes Academiques from the French Legion of Honor for promoting the French language and culture. Georgette was always willing to expand her radio program and support the station in new initiatives; she had a positive impact on KFAI, its volunteers, and especially its listeners.

She was a great cook and hostess. Her home was filled with good food, happy friends and laughter. A celebration of her life was held in Minneapolis on September 19th. Many friends of KFAI came to honor Georgette. Janis Lane-Ewart, Executive Director of KFAI spoke about Georgette's many talents.

"Georgette embodies this quote," she told friends and family gathered at the memorial, "'The ultimate expression of generosity is not in giving of what you have, but in giving of who you are.'"

KFAI folks remember Georgette for her commitment to her show, and to the community.

"She loved KFAI and she understood the connection between radio personality and radio listener," says Dee Henry Williams, of "A Great Blend of Watercolors." "We'll miss her sweetness, and her love for passing the French-American culture to us all."

Libby Donohue, former KFAI news reporter now living in Missouri, has listened to Bonjour Minnesota from time to time, and recalls how Georgette's voice "sounded like she smiled often."

"Mystery Train" host David Wiley notes Georgette's love for her radio show and how "she was always delighted when I'd call in to request Yves Montand or Lucienne Boyer. She was so happy to be reaching an audience and widening our ears and minds." David calls Georgette "a perfect example of what makes KFAI great."

Instead of flowers, the family prefers donations to KFAI in her memory. Please contact Pam Hill Kroyer for more information.

Community & Culture

Egal Shidad Program Educates About Somali Health

by Rebecca Lane and Jennifer Syverson, KFAI volunteers

Egal ShidadEgal Shidad In a time when traditional media content is typically ratings and profit-driven, as well as lacking in substance, Egal Shidad, a three-year multifaceted community effort targeting the strong Twin Cities Somali population, is a bright shining example of how media, community, and educators can work together to actually improve the quality of life for everyone.

Using an animated version of the folklore character Egal Shidad as its symbol, the project intends to strengthen Somali immigrant families through video, radio and print stories. This collaboration between local media producers and health providers/organizations is developing three health education units for audiences that, according to New Routes to Community Health, "may also be used for cultural competency training with health care providers treating Somali patients, and as English Language Learning (ELL) classroom learning tools."

The forthcoming installment hopes to educate members of the Somali community on mental health issues, using both an entertaining and instructive approach. According to Hiiraan Online, "people interviewed for the show include Somali playwright Said Salah Ahmed, artist and political cartoonist Amin Amir, expert on traditional healing ceremonies Zahara Subriye, and mental health professionals Ahmed Mohamed and David McGraw Schuchman."

Mukhtar I. Gaaddasaar, co-host of Somali Voices applied and was hired to produce the documentaries for this project. To further engage the audience and to make sure all voices have an opportunity to be heard, the program will be aired twice on KFAI. The second broadcast, Tuesday, October 7th, will be followed by a special call-in show at 8:30pm, where callers will be able to speak directly to several of the guests interviewed in the program, and ask questions about mental health issues affecting the Somali community.

Gayle Peterson of New Routes to Community Health says that expectations and hopes for the Egal Shidad project are high. Other health issues people hope to have addressed include the use of the illegal drug Khat within the Somali community, teen pregnancy, STDs, bone health, nutrition, and tobacco use.

Egal Shidad will air on KFAI on Monday, October 6th, at 7:30pm, and Tuesday, October 7th, also at 7:30pm, followed by a live call-in segment at 8:30pm.

In addition to the KFAI broadcast, the show will air on Monday, October 6th as follows:
7:00pm – SPNN Channel 19, and on the MCN Metro Channel
10:30pm – MTN Minneapolis Cable TV Channel 16

This project is proudly supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Benton Foundation, Emergency and Community Health Outreach (ECHO), Confederation of Somali Community in Minnesota, St. Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN), and KFAI.

Two New Faces in the Office at KFAI

By Jessica Folker, KFAI volunteer

Jim McDonoughJim McDonough
Wondering who the KFAI newcomer with the formidable handshake is? Chances are it's Jim McDonough, KFAI's new Development Director. When asked what people are often surprised to learn about him, Jim replied, "I once shook hands with Muhammad Ali, and he flinched."

Jim must have the magic touch, as he is credited with successful grant requests ranging from $1,000 to over $750,000. Jim joins KFAI after 14 years as Executive Director of McDonough and Associates: Human Relations Consultants, and has been responsible for submitting over 155 funding proposals and grant requests in the past two and a half years.

Jim has previously served as Development Director/Officer for Phillips West Neighborhood Organization, The Urban Coalition, Hispanos en Minnesota, and the Cedar Riverside People's Center. He describes himself as a "longtime advocate for equality and social justice" and is thrilled that these values are reflected in KFAI's mission statement.

As a music enthusiast, Jim will feel right at home at KFAI. He counts Larry "still a minstrel" Suess, Bob Dylan, and John Lennon among those he'd most love to have in-studio if hosting a show on KFAI.

"I have learned that music is one of those human endeavors that transcends many cultural boundaries," he says.

Jim has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Statistics from the University of Minnesota (1975) and has served as Associate Professor at the College of St. Thomas and North Hennepin Community College. In 2004 he also earned a Certificate of Nonprofit Management from Hamline University (2004).

Jim's reputation as a non-profit fundraising expert makes him an exciting addition to the KFAI team. Please feel free to introduce yourself and even shake his hand!

Adam MehlAdam Mehl
Adam Mehl may be new to KFAI, but he's no stranger to public radio. As a Radio K veteran with on-air, fundraising, and tech geek credentials, KFAI's new Program Director proves he can pretty much do it all!

Adam first explored an interest in radio as a show host on Radio K in 2000, and three years later became Program Director at the station. At Radio K, Adam masterminded two on-air fundraisers totaling over $90,000 and continues to contribute in the areas of membership events and solicitations as a Radio K Alumni Association Board Member.

Adam joins KFAI from his most recent position as Development Specialist at the Minnesota Valley Humane Society, where he improved the organization's recruitment system and increased membership by 15%. He also creatively raised $55,000 through a silent auction, concert, and CD sales while working for Reuben Lindh Family Services.

In addition to his development and fundraising prowess, Adam also doubles as a tech wizard. His skills include mastery of Raiser's Edge, Drupal, ProTools, and web development.

Adam earned a political science B.A. from the University of Minnesota in 2004, and in 2007 completed his M.A. focused on advocacy and political leadership.

Adam started his position at KFAI this past Monday, September 29th. In addition to his many talents, he shares our passion for community radio and we are thrilled to have him on board!

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KFAI Network - October 2010

h2. Thank You KFAI Members!

We raised about two-thirds of our goal for the fall pledge drive, and although we did not make it, we are very thankful for each and every person who gave to help us get there, and to all of KFAI's listener-members.


KFAI Election Coverage Tuesday, November 2nd

Get out the vote, and then hear about it on your community radio station!

The KFAI News Department will host live election coverage Tuesday evening, from 8pm to midnight. News Director Ahndi Fridell and Thursday morning "Takeaway" host Tanner Curl will co-host the coverage. Guest analysts include Legislative Affairs and Federal Intervention Manager Patrick Sexton, Republican legislator Paul Kohls, former Independence Party gubernatorial candidate Rob Hahn, and DFL legislators John Marty and Karla Bingham.
KFAI Capitol Correspondent Marty Owings covers Republican Party HQ TuesdayKFAI Capitol Correspondent Marty Owings covers Republican Party HQ Tuesday
Minnpost education reporter Beth Hawkins will talk about the Minneapolis school board races. We will look at the competitive Ramsey County sheriff's and attorney's races. Reporters will be covering Republican, DFL and Independence Party races and speaking to the candidates as we follow election returns throughout the night.

For the most in-depth local coverage, tune in to KFAI on election night and get all the results during The Takeaway the next morning!

Community & Culture

KFAI Open House, Stories of Somali Health November 7th

by Janis Lane-Ewart, for the KFAI Network

Egal Shidad: a jester-like figure in Somali loreEgal Shidad: a jester-like figure in Somali lore

"Egal Shidad: Stories of Somali Health" will debut its third documentary during an Open House on Sunday, November 7th,
6:00pm - 8:00pm, at KFAI's studios, 1808 Riverside Avenue. This 30 minute documentary will focus on healthy relationships between youth and parents, and will air during KFAI's Somali Voices at 7:00pm. A question and answer period, live from Studio 5, will follow with Somali community leaders and residents joining the discussion.

Egal Shidad is one of eight "New Routes to Community Health" projects where immigrant organizations, media makers and community institutions have partnered to improve the health of immigrants by making media that addresses their specific needs. Egal Shidad is a partnership between KFAI Radio, St. Paul Neighborhood Network, Emergency Community and Health Outreach (ECHO) and the Confederation of Somali Community in Minnesota.

The range of health topics covered through "New Routes to Community Health" includes the problem of intimate partner violence among fellow immigrants; Latina domestic workers advocating fair play, healthier working conditions and respect for the profession; health and cultural competency; easier access to health care; making sound health and life decisions; how to navigate the U.S. health care system while dealing with language and cultural differences; and, recognizing and responding to symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. Immigrants from Latin America, Somalia, Laos, Vietnam, China and Haiti are building valuable health resources, tools while forging new relationships across Oakland, San Francisco, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston.

For an extended look into KFAI's Egal Shidad project as well as those produced by other partnerships, check out the project website http://newroutes.org/node/38503.

KFAI Public Meeting November 10th

KFAI is charting its future course with a new strategic plan, which will cover such themes as station governance, marketing, fund raising, community outreach, programming, and the internet--are your favorite ideas included? Do you want them to be? Then come to the public work session to help develop the plan. The listening tour is over, and it's time to get to work. Join us Wednesday, November 10th, at Rondo Community Outreach Library, 461 North Dale Street (corner of Dale and University) in Saint Paul, 6:30pm to 8:30pm! Light refreshments will be available.

For more information, go to KFAI.ORG/PLAN.

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KFAI Network - October 2011

h2. KFAI is Cooking Up Radio Specials

...and our Fall Pledge Drive is cooking, too!

[img_assist|nid=39179|title=DJ Musically Rich is Ready!|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=203|height=272]

By Thursday afternoon, 667 members have supported the station during the drive, giving $50,200 toward KFAI's fall goal of $90,300. Thank you to _every_ listener-member who has given this year.


Youth News Stories Airing Now

KFAI's Youth News Initiative (YNI) is an eight-week intensive journalism training session for youth from communities of color, 13-18 years of age, on the process of creating professional-quality radio news reports. The program provides training in news research, reporting, creative writing, voice training, producing, and digital recording and editing utilizing state-of-the-art technology in radio production, broadcasting, podcasting and blogging.

2011 YNI Team at the State Capitol2011 YNI Team at the State Capitol

Six young women and men took part in KFAI's 2011 Youth News Initiative, turning in well-researched, poignant stories by the end of the summer. These stories cover topics such as skin tone in media, cyberbullying, and the mental health of athletes. KFAI Weekly News will air these stories throughout the fall. You can see the broadcast schedule and hear the teens' reports by following this link: http://www.kfai.org/news/2011/09/23581.

KFAI Provides Breaking News to KFAI Listeners

On Monday, October 3rd, KFAI's airing of Democracy Now! "broke" the story about the long awaited lawsuit Democracy Now! filed against the Minneapolis and St. Paul police departments, the Ramsey County Sheriff, and United States Secret Service personnel in 2008. Neither the Pioneer Press nor Star Tribune carried the news, which was decided in a Ramsey County court on Friday, September 30th. Full details of this story can be seen at

This is just one example of KFAI's commitment to its mission of "existing to broadcast information, arts and entertainment programming." Democracy Now! is one of 90 programs you can hear on KFAI, and it represents the "voice for people ignored or misrepresented by mainstream media."

If your values and ethics resemble the above statement AND you've been waiting to pledge your financial support to KFAI, now is the time. Please call 612-375-9030 before midnight on Friday, or go on-line to on-line to pledge here, to help us reach our goal by the end of October 7th. If you've contributed during this drive, and/or are planning to give now, thank you.

KFAI Weekly News Highlights Action in Our Community

Two stories are planned for Friday's broadcast of KFAI Weekly News which feature citizen action in our communities, that we believe our listeners should be informed about. Tune in Friday morning at 9am to hear more about "Occupy MN"--the local activist movement in support of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement in New York City. The organizers of "Occupy MN" just received on Thursday afternoon police permission to demonstrate at Government Plaza in downtown Minneapolis, starting Friday morning. KFAI correspondents for the news and for Catalyst will be there live.

You will also hear about another movement to create change: the Amen Corner, a weekly open mic event designed to bring positivity to Thrones Plaza on the corner of Franklin and Chicago Avenues, in Peavey Park. If you miss the broadcast, be sure to tune in to the archived edition!


Radio Antilles Gets Married!

Well, Noel and Kate will be the ones getting married, but Johnny D will celebrate this joyous union community-radio style! Radio Antilles gets married this Friday, October 7th, from 12pm to 2pm. Tune in as KFAI news reporter Noel Clark and his fiancée, Kate, join JohnnyD to share their story of meeting, falling for each other, the proposal and all the party details for the big day (October 30th). Noel and Kate invite you to sign their "guestbook" by making a pledge to KFAI. Just go on-line to pledge here, select Radio Antilles as the show to which you would like to dedicate your pledge, and leave a note for the happy couple. With luck and support, they will not end up commiserating on the two sad song specials in February 2012: Pam Without Boundaries Rejection Day Counter-Valentine's Day show, or the Love Stinks episode of In Your Ear.

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KFAI Network - Quick Literature Update!

h2. Tune into KFAI on Tuesday nights to unleash your literary soul!

h3. Hosts Charles & Beryl Bring a Long History of Short Stories to the Air
_By Ann Alquist, for KFAI Network_

It started with a notice on a door. Beryl Greenberg doesn't remember exactly which door, but she knew a guy who did radio at the University of Minnesota.

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KFAI Network - Quick Update

h2. KFAI Out and About - Come Say Hi!

[img_assist|nid=20539|title=Ricardo at KFAI Night - Saints Game|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=320|height=240]
KFAI will be at the "Famous Dave's BBQ and Blues Festival":http://www.famousdaves.com/other-saucy-stuff/minneapolis-bbq-blues-club/... Saturday, June 13th, at Peavey Plaza in downtown Minneapolis. The music starts at noon.

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KFAI Network - Quick Update

h2. KFAI Leaps Into Spring Pledge Drive April 11th

Starting Saturday, April 11th, at 6am, KFAI's 2009 Spring Pledge Drive begins. Spring pledge drive runs through April 24th, or until we reach our goal, whichever comes first. Many listeners have already come forward to become members and help KFAI reach our spring pledge drive goal of $100,000.


Youth News Initiative - Girl Power!

YNI Graduate Pomi TeferaYNI Graduate Pomi Tefera As the KFAI April pledge drive approaches, it is a good time to reflect on why you support your local community-powered radio station. Music and program hosts are probably at the top of your list, but it is important to remember that KFAI also fosters strong community relations that extend the mission far beyond the station walls.

One station effort that is generating a lot of good amongst our younger listener-base, is the Youth News Initiative (YNI).

As described by Ahndi Fridell, KFAI news director, "YNI is an intensive training program for girls of color 13-18 years old on how to create professional quality radio news reports.

The curriculum includes journalism training in news research, creative writing, producing, voice training, digital editing and reporting.

Up to eight students will work with KFAI staff and mentors from the field of journalism throughout the Twin Cities. Participants meet four times per week for nine weeks during the summer."

The reporters tackle tough issues and produce work that inspires and informs. Past features have focused on important topics such as prison gangs, sexual identity (homosexuality and religion), financial aid and teen pregnancy.

With budgets tight, such a robust program requires community-style funding, with everyone contributing to sustain this opportunity for our future "news-crafters." This is how it needs to work to succeed:

The Women's Foundation of Minnesota

The Women's Foundation of Minnesota invests in social change to achieve equality for all women and girls in Minnesota. The Foundation will provide a grant of $7,000 to KFAI's Youth News Initiative this year.

girls Building Economic Success Together (girlsBEST)
(Sponsored by the Women's Foundation of Minnesota)

girlsBEST provides grants and raises public awareness for girl-driven programs that have the support and involvement of women, mentors, community organizations, schools and other organizations serving women and girls, with priority given to underrepresented and underserved girls and communities.

girlsBEST will match fund-raising efforts by YNI participants.

Former YNI participants

Graduates of KFAI's program will raise $3,000 themselves (to be matched in full by girlsBEST). To do this, they will participate in the April pledge drive.


During pledge drive, you will have the opportunity to make a donation to the YNI program, while pledging your support for the station. Tune in to the KFAI Evening News at 6pm Monday - Thursday, for your chance to support this specific program during our pledge drive.

Please consider contributing your monetary support to keep YNI up and running. To learn more about the girls and their strong journalism skills, check out the archived stories of former participants: www.kfai.org/news/youth. Tune in to the station during pledge drive to hear rebroadcasts of previous YNI stories.

Community & Culture

Minneapolis to Mogadishu: a KFAI Documentary

Somali immigrants in the Twin Cities struggle to defend their religion and separate themselves from rumors of "radicalizing" young men to support terrorists. From the Muslims in Minnesota series, KFAI News presents the documentary, Minneapolis to Mogadishu...Somalis at A Crossroads, Thursday,
April 9th, at 6:00 on the KFAI Evening News. Find out more by clicking here.

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KFAI Network - Quick Update

KFAI is within grasp of the $100,000 spring pledge drive goal, and you could help us reach it!

Nearly 1,100 people have joined KFAI during our 2009 spring membership drive, bringing us to $80,000 on Thursday afternoon. If you have not made your investment in independent, community-based radio this year, please consider this your chance to help KFAI get over the top!


MN Soundtrack Wins Best Local Music Show 2009

Local weekly publication, City Pages, named KFAI's MN Soundtrack the Best Local Music Show in 2009. MN Soundtrack, with hosts Jackie and Jonathan, can be heard every Friday night, 7:30pm - 9:00pm. They put together a great mix of new local music, and highlight a classic local track every show. Once a month, MN Soundtrack hosts a concert at the 331 Club in northeast Minneapolis. On May 1st, Omaur Bliss and Aby Wolf will play MN Soundtrack Live at the 331 Club. Congratulations on the award, Jackie and Jonathan!

Community & Culture

KFAI Attorney John Crigler Awarded for Service

John Crigler and Janis Lane-EwartJohn Crigler and Janis Lane-Ewart

The National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB) gave the 2009 Bader Award to Garvey Schubert Barer Owner and Communications Lawyer John Crigler, at its annual Community Radio Conference.

The Bader Award is given to individuals or groups for a single stunning innovation, or a lifetime of vital contributions to Community Radio.

Crigler was chosen by the Board of Directors of the NFCB in recognition of his extraordinary dedication and service to the NFCB and to all Community Radio, and for his unstinting advocacy on behalf of Community Radio before the FCC and other regulatory agencies.

He is the author of The NFCB's Public Radio Legal Handbook, and is a major contributor to other NFCB publications. He worked with KFAI during many projects, including the recent increase of power to our 90.3FM signal. Congratulations, John, on this recognition of your service.

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KFAI Network - Quick Update!

h2. Festival of Nations Friday on KFAI - Join Us!

Tomorrow is the last day of KFAI's spring pledge drive, and we are within $15,000 of our goal! If you have not joined KFAI as a listener-member, or if you are due to renew your community radio membership, we have a special offer for you.

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KFAI Network - Quick Update!

h2. KFAI Hosts Reception June 11th - You're Invited!


The National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB) holds its 35th annual conference in St Paul, June 7th through June 10th.

Community & Culture

Catch KFAI Out and About in June

With the beautiful weather in June comes many events to the Twin Cities.

On Saturday, June 5th, KFAI will be at The Record Show. This record collector's dream event takes place at the VFW in Uptown Minneapolis, on Lyndale: posters! CDs! DVDs! rare 45s and LPs! and KFAI! It's a fun time! Stop by the KFAI table and see if there are any records you might want to add to your collection.

Every Wednesday this summer, KFAI and the Landmark Center in St. Paul present the Music in the Cafe series. Join KFAI's Larry Englund (from Rhythm n' Grooves) as local artists from all genres give a musical break to your work week. Performances start at 12pm.

We will also be at the Juneteenth Festival in North Mississippi Regional Park, Saturday, June 19th, and at a St. Paul Saints game later this month.

Visit the KFAI Events Calendar for more information about where you can catch KFAI in the community!

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