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  • The Bluff Country Gathering runs May 14 through 17 in Lanesboro, Minnesota –  its a weekend of workshops and celebrations of old time traditional music. There’s a public concert Friday the 15th at 8 pm, and a barn dance Saturday the 16th, also at 8. Gail Gillespie and Joseph Decosimo stopped by the Thursday Morning Blend, and Paul Brohaugh asked them about variations in banjo techniques.

  • May 24th is Independence Day in the African nation of Eritrea.  Twenty four years ago Eritrea ended a long war with neighboring Ethiopia to gain its self-determination.  

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  • On Minneculture, we’ll visit the Minnesota History Center as some of the featured authors from a new anthology of African American writing celebrate the publication of their work. The book is called Blues Vision, and one of the featured writers is J. Otis Powell.

    Here’s an excerpt from the Minneculture broadcast – J. Otis Powell reading from page 78 of the book – a piece called “Tongue Swallow.”

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  • Steve Paulos is an Eritrean living in Minnesota.  He recently stopped by KFAI to talk with Dale Connelly about Eritrean Independence Day and the plans of a local group to hold a candlelight vigil in St. Paul's Highland Park on Saturday, May 23rd.  The vigil is intended to recognize both the 24th anniversary of Eritrean Independence and the tragedy of those Eritreans who have lost their lives trying to flee the country – identified by Amnesty International as one of the world's most repressive governments. 
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  • It’s springtime, and birds are on the wing, traveling above our great watery highways back to their summer homes.

    But what birds? Where are they going? How do they do this?

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  • On May 1st, dozens of immigrant rights organizations, unions and social justice groups organized an International Worker's Day March from Lake Street to the Hennepin County Government Center in downtown Minneapolis.

    Along the way, they were joined by students who staged a school walkout.  

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  • On this week's True Brit! host Simon Husbands will be celebrating all things DRUMS – drummers, songs with drummers, drummers with songs – you get the idea! To help, Simon has enlisted two of the finest drummers to join in. Chris McAtee and Sean Sauder from the Katy Vernon Band and the Flamin' Ohs will be in the studio discussing drumming and drummers, and trying to drum up support for their favorites! Join Simon, Sean and Chris on Friday night at midnight!

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  • Are you afraid of what you’ll discover if you really think about money?

    Did you know that just understanding how you relate to money changes everything?

    Would you like to change your relationship with money in one day?

    The Women’s Wealth Summit, hosted by Venerable Women founder Dawn Morningstar, and taught by internationally renowned feng shui expert Carole Hyder, is an amazing opportunity for you to change old ideas into new understanding.

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  • Catrina Huynh-Weiss left Saigon, Viet Nam by helicopter out of the U.S. Embassy on April 30, 1975 with her parents and older sister. They were re-settled in Bloomington, MN where she and her two sisters grew-up in a bi-racial, bi-cultural, and bi-religious household. She recently moved back to Minneapolis but has yet to return to her place of birth. During a recent Veterans For Peace event she shared her story.  It was featured on the April 30th edition of KFAI's Morning Blend.