Dutch-born director Paul Verhoeven spent many years in Hollywood, making such films as RoboCop, Basic Instinct and Starship Troopers.

Be sure and tune in this Wednesday, December 12th during the eight o’clock hour as host David Cummings welcomes local film historian Bob Deflores to the show.

Tijuana’s Nortec Collective delivers some of the freshest electro-ambient dance music in North America.

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According to a recent study, Minnesota stands to gain a significant boost in its economy if Congress passes an energy bill making this possible.

Thursday, December 6th, Write on Radio:node/36 talks with Sister Helen Prejean, famous for her eloquent words and witness against the death penalty.

Exactly one month ago, KFAI’s neighbor, the North Country Co-op closed for good. It was the first food cooperative in the Twin Cities and was its longest-lasting, surviving for 37 years.

The Minnesota State Department of Health is investigating a mysterious neurological illness among workers at a pork processing plant in Austin Minnesota.

Teachers in Minneapolis’ public schools are heading into negotiation for a new contract.

The 2007 Farm Bill has attracted a lot of media attention. But why does the Farm Bill matter to people who don’t farm?