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  • Step right this way for a festive night celebrating the Chautauqua Circuit (1874 –1935), a wildly popular national network of traveling lecturers, performing artists, and entertainers.

  • On KFAI’s MovieTalk show on January 1st, critics Jim Brunzell, Erik McClanahan and Peter Schilling revealed their top 10 film selections (and Jim’s biggest disappointments) for 2008. See if you agree! Listen here:

    1. WALL*E / dir. Andrew Stanton (USA)
    2. LET THE RIGHT ONE IN / dir. Tomas Alfredson (Sweden)

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  • Be sure and tune in to Rockin in Rhythm this Wednesday January 7th from 6:00 to 9:00 am. Host David Cummings will be starting 2009 off with three hours of the music and humor of the great Steve Allen. Along with the music and comedy there will be interviews with some friends of Mr. Allen, like Gary Owens, June Foray and David Allen.

  • David Bowie will celebrate his 62nd birthday on January 8th, but I will be celebrating all month long on Across The Board.

    Jan 2nd is Featuring…, music featuring Bowie.

    Jan 9th is the Bowie birthday celebration when I will take over Voice Cried Softly to bring you 5 HOURS of all Bowie. Requests are warmly welcomed.

  • On Sunday, January 4th Womenfolk will feature the Top CD’s of 2008 as determined by you!

  • On the fourth day of Israel’s air attacks on the Gaza strip, protesters held a rally in front of Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office in Minneapolis to demand an end to the bombings that have killed more than 370 Palestinians since Saturday.

  • Tune in Thursday, January 1, 2009 at 6pm for a one-hour MovieTalk special with Jim Brunzell, Erik McClanahan and Peter Schilling!

    From the Toronto Film Festival, Al Milgrom brings us audio with director Steven Sodenbergh and Benicio del Toro about the epic film “Che”.

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  • Family members of Hmong people whose graves were desecrated in Thailand in 2005 testified before a United Nations official to recognize a violation of human rights in a hearing at the University of Minnesota on December 10. The Hmong community petitioned for recommendations that will prevent further desecration of indigenous grave sites and remedy the violations against the Hmong community.

  • Tune in to Voice Cried Softly Thursday January 1st at Midnight as slobbering drunk Mel Gibson attempts to play all the best noisy experimental underground rock music from 2008!! Normally Eric would do this show, but when Mel’s wasted, Eric just kinda lets him run things!!

  • On Tuesday, December 30, from 9:00AM – 11:00AM, please let Greg help you with your New Year’s Resolutions. This annual special has proven strangely popular, so like those promises we don’t keep, this is coming back around too. Listen into 2 hours of old self improvement & betterment records.