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  • _Somali immigrants came to the US as refugees and asylees over the past 10 years. Children that arrived here in 1990s know Minnesota as their home. But if they get convicted of a crime – even a minor theft, they could lose their immigration status and get deportation ordered for Somalia.

  • Minneapolis and U of M officials met at the Oak Street Parking ramp in Minneapolis to introduce the city’s new bike share program. It is intended to give everyone a chance to commute by means of bicycle throughout the Twin Cities. KFAI’s Katey DeCelle reports.

  • March 10 was the 5th Annual Muslims Day at the Capitol in St. Paul, a day to lobby legislators and encourage participation in the political process. Mukhtar Thakur, a Muslim community activist, was asked to address the crowd as they rallied in the rotunda. Thakur spoke to KFAI News Director Ahndi Fridell.

  • _Figures like Lil Wayne, 50-Cent, and Chingy have become the voices of modern Hip Hop. But Minnesota is home to a more spiritual musical movement that struggles to escape the flashy jewelry, degrading imagery, and violence associated with popular Hip Hop culture.

  • On February 19th, 2009, KFAI celebrated Black History Month with a special day of Programing. If you missed any of these programs, you can now listen to all of the locally produced programs in the KFAI archives.

    View All Black History Month 2009 programming from February 19th here:

  • KFAI celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8th with a full day of special programming produced by women from the Twin Cities community. Programs will be available for streaming through March 25th . For a complete listing of the archived programs click here:

  • In the inner city of Minneapolis, residents are taking their safety and wellness of their neighborhood into their own hands. Like many inner city neighborhoods, crime can be a prevailing issue. In Cedar-Riverside, there are weekly community patrols to ease concerns of crime in the neighborhood. KFAI’s Jason Patrick tagged along last week to find out more.

  • Thousands of plastic toys suspected of containing lead were recalled in 2007. In response to the recall, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act was signed a year later by President Bush. The act intended to implement stringent safety regulations for toys.

  • In his weekly KFAI update, 5th District Congressman Keith Ellison noted that he helped the House of Representatives pass a bill that allows bankruptcy judges to modify the terms of troubled homeowners’ mortgages. The bill dealt the financial industry a significant blow.

  • A coalition of civil rights advocacy groups recently put out a statement against Mayor R. T Rybak’s proposal to close the Minneapolis Civil Rights Department and let the state take over its cases.