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  • The Organizing Apprenticeship Project, or OAP, recently released its annual Minnesota Legislative Report Card on Racial Equity for 2008. The report brought mixed results, but will provide detailed information for Minnesota legislators seeking to improve racial equity through new legislation in the state.

  • The harmonies of mutual admiration reach a hungry listener’s ears so sweetly, and Minneapolis singer-songwriter Brianna Lane: has a knack for hearing the notes we love to swoon by.

  • Hunger is killing children around the world and a local lunch lady wants to do something about it.This weekend, Pat Mergens, nutrition services coordinator for the St. Paul Public Schools, plans to raise $10,000 for the Global Child Nutrition Foundation:, an organization that helps bring school feeding programs to impoverished countries.

  • The history of the United States as taught in our schools is only half the story – and almost always told from the perspective of the conqueror – in this case, European immigrants – with little if anything said about the conquered – the indigenous peoples of this hemisphere who found their peaceful existence interrupted, their people enslaved and murdered to extinction, their cultures exterminat

  • _Minnesota institutions are struggling to define the line between church and state as the spiritual make-up of the population changes. Many Muslim immigrants to Minnesota come from countries in which Islam plays a key role in government.

  • Check out a special edition of Strictly Butter at 11 pm on Saturday, March 28, as guest DJ Joe.Dfx drops some of the latest, heaviest dubstep sounds. In addition to the jams, we’ll discuss the upcoming Minneapolis debut of Baltimore-based U.S. dubstep don, Joe Nice.

  • Hard times are hitting non-profits just like everyone else. Now more than ever, independent media outlets like KFAI RADIO are essential for a Main Street being ripped off by Wall Street. Enjoy a homemade international buffet of delights from vegetarian curry to a chicken dish (TBA), plus snacks like guacamole with tortilla chips and hummus with pita bread. Homemade desserts, too.


  • Organizers of a benefit concert at Augsburg College hope to raise money for AIDS Orphans in Uganda. KFAI’s Gabrielle Miller reports.

  • For over a month a silent racial protest has been underway at the Barbara Baker Center for Dance at the University of Minnesota. Protesters cut out paper words such as THIS, PRIVILEGE and STATUS QUO and placed them around the dance center in secret. The protesters accuse the faculty of perpetuating racism within the dance program, even while teaching against it.

  • An innovative program that guides low income high school students through the college admissions process has found success in Minnesota. KFAI’s Catherine Willman reports.


    Admission Possible is currently recruiting eligible high school sophomores. For more information about Admission Possible:, call 651-917-3525.