Recent News

  • The Cedar-Riverside neighborhood shows no immunity to the growing economic decline, as local businesses in the area are forced to close due to low sales. KFAI’s Michelle Alimoradi brings us a story about the recent closing of a Cedar Avenue staple, Global Village.

  • The City of Minneapolis got a jump start on promoting the 2010 census, the tally of people living in America. As KFAI’s Anibal Prestan reports, the City is concerned that every person is counted so it will not lose millions of dollars in federal and state money.

  • A Nobel Peace Prize winner visited the Twin Cities and brought a message to local students. Adolfo Perez Esquival of Argentina spoke before a group of students from across the state, inviting them to become ambassadors of peace. KFAI’s Anibal Prestan was at the forum sponsored by Peace Jam.

  • With increasing numbers of people experiencing home foreclosures, Minneapolis’ Phillips neighborhood is launching a new housing initiative aimed at improving housing and home sales. The Phillips Partnership is awarding home improvement grants and down payment assistance to qualifying Phillips residents. KFAI’s Katey DeCelle reports.

  • A bill advocating domestic partner benefits in Minnesota is making its way through the legislative process. KFAI’s Marty Owings speaks to opponents and proponents of the legislation.

  • Thursday, April 2nd, Minnesota’s Poet Laureate Robert Bly joins the Write on Radio crew to talk about an upcoming conference on—Robert Bly!—April 16-19 at the University of Minnesota. It includes a keynote by Lewis Hyde, author of The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World. More information is available at

  • Larry Hayes was one of the founding members of The Lamont Cranston Band along with his brother Pat (who everyone thinks is Lamont). He also had his own band in the early days of the Minnesota music scene, Larry Hayes & The Tonearms. Tom Burns played with Lazy Bill Lucas, The Joel Johnson Band, and more. This one is a can’t miss show too.

  • Protestors and community organizers gathered at a South Minneapolis home to support a long-term resident of the community who is facing eviction due to foreclosure. KFAI’s Catherine Willman reports.

    Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign can be reached at 612-821-2364.

  • 5th District Congressman Keith Ellison stopped by the Minnesota State Capitol today at a conference about poverty and hunger. KFAI’s Marty Owings spoke to him after the conference.

  • City elections are right around the corner. Minneapolis residents will either elect new city council members or keep their current representative in November. No ward has had as much controversy or fireworks as Ward 5. That’s the southern part of North Minneapolis, which has been plagued with a high foreclosure rate and crime.