Recent News

  • The principal at a Minneapolis elementary school is absent from work after a reportedly heated exchange with a school board member last week. Burroughs Elementary Principal Tim Cadotte was not in his office today. On Friday, Cadotte had an altercation in the school office with School Board Member Chris Stewart.

  • The Met Council’s advisory board voted to approve an $86 million expansion on Highway 610 in Maple Grove. The rest of the $230 million dollars in stiumulus money will go toward road repairs and funding small projects. KFAI’s Gabrielle Miller spoke about the decision to Transit for Livable Communities’: Barb Thoman.


  • Minnesota utility regulators have approved plans for three new high voltage transmission lines from South Dakota across Minnesota. Minnesota’s Public Utilities Commission granted approval for the project today on the condition that one of the lines carry energy produced by renewable sources like wind power.

  • Collective Eye: host Janis Lane-Ewart is joined by resident artists John Devine, Donald & Faye Washington and J.Otis Powell! on the pledge drive edition of the Collective Eye: . Each of these well-known and respected artists will perform and talk with listeners about the importance of supporting the Twin Cities’ community treasure, KFAI.

  • Juan Cole is a well-known historian and Middle East expert. His blog, Informed Comment, is a go-to destination for information about the Muslim world and middle east politics.
    Cole is a professor of Modern Middle East History at the University of Michigan.

    His new book, Engaging the Muslim World, suggests ways to encourage a better relationship between the US and the Muslim World.

  • On TAX DAY – April 15 – there were several hundred rallies held across the nation. Tea Parties, as they’ve been called by organizers, are designed to send Washington a clear message, reign in spending and reduce the size of Government. KFAI Political Correspondent Marty Owings filed this report from Capitol.


  • Twin Cities community members and lawyers recently spoke out against human rights violations by ICE, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, in a nationwide effort to hold the Department of Homeland Security accountable. KFAI’s Sara Abdelaal reports.


  • After over 100 years, the Minneapolis Charter Commission: is submitting a package of major revisions, which, if passed by city voters in November, would radically change the way Minneapolis could be subsequently governed.

  • Last June, Starbucks workers at the Mall of America had enough of their less than desirable work conditions and decided to form their own union. Following their New York and Chicago counterparts who had previously formed unions, baristas Erik Forman and Jake Bell started the Mall of America Union. In the past year, workers at other Starbucks from around the city have also joined.

  • The Minnesota Cuba Committee applauded President Obama’s announcement yesterday restoring the rights of Cuban Americans to travel freely to Cuba. But they are interested in additional sanctions being lifted. Greg Klave is the legislative co-chair of the Minnesota Cuba Committee. He spoke to KFAI host Bob Hines about what it will take to change current US policy towards Cuba.