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  • John Jorgenson, one of the leader’s of the Gypsy Jazz revival, will do a phone interview with Larry Englund on Rhythm and Grooves Tuesday, November 3 (10:30 PM – Midnight). Jorgenson co-founded the award-winning Desert Rose Band with Chris Hillman.

  • If you are struggling with an emotional or physical health challenge, Free to Love, Free to Heal offers a unique, proven path to authentic healing.

  • Last winter, Minneapolis City Council Members Paul Ostrow, Ralph Remington and Don Samuels submitted three proposals to the City Charter Commission. The proposals were: to abolish the Park and Recreation Board, to shift to an administrator form of governance, and to eliminate the Board of Estimate and Taxation.

  • Tune in to a special pre-election day broadcast on the KFAI Evening News from 6-7pm on Monday, November 2nd. Hosts Allison Herrera and Art Hughes will look at the impact of Ranked Choice Voting on Minneapolis elections and talk to Pioneer Press reporter Doug Belden about St. Paul School Board Races.

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  • Minneapolis and St. Paul elections are on the horizon, and it’s time to submit your vote. You can vote traditionally, or by using the new automated system called AutoMark. Automark is a voting system that was created for people with disabilities, to make voting easier. KFAI’s Roger Huelsnitz visited the Ward 6 voting warehouse, to get a closer look.


  • One of the local elections next week will be for the three at-large commissioners on the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. There are eight candidates for those three seats. Tonight, KFAI reporter Robert O’Connor asks candidates Bob Fine and Tom Nordyke about the important issues facing the board.


  • Earlier this month, people traveled from all across the United States to Washington, DC. They lobbied Congress to reform immigration laws. SEIU Local 26 is a union that represents janitorial workers in the Twin Cities. A member of SEIU Local 26, Julio Sotelo, spoke to Minnesota’s Senators when he traveled to DC. He spoke to KFAI’s Paulina Yanez for this report.


  • Dublin-based songwriters Fran King and Duncan Maitland come back to the Twin Cities this week. These highly-accomplished musicians will visit Pam Without Boundaries: on the heels of their first headlining appearance together at the Cedar Cultural Center:

  • This week on Poquito y Bueno, KFAI’s weekly half-hour flamenco WEBCAST ONLY, NYC-Sevilla based dancer Magdalena speaks of her love for the music and how it inspires her to dance. Surprisingly, this is not the case for every dancer – most fall in love with the dance first, and some sadly never come to love the music.

  • Join Broadway Joe Monday, November 2nd, for another 2nd Curtain Call version of Jet Set Planet:node/94. Joe will feature Broadway show-stoppers that were not exactly chart toppers. He’ll also visit off-Broadway London cabarets and recording studios for some interesting (to say the least) cover versions of show tunes. It’s Jet Set Planet – Broadway Joe style.