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  • George Bonga was a singular character in Minnesota history: a black and Ojibwe fur trader in the 1800s, Bonga navigated Native and European channels in frontier Minnesota. Playwright Carlyle Brown spoke with Xan Holston on the Monday Morning Blend about his play "Geroge Bonga: Black Voyageur" which opens Friday February 5 at the History Theatre in St. Paul. More information here.

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  • One of KFAI's founders and a long-time program host, Charles Brin, died on Friday January 29, 2016.

    He was 92 years of age. Charles and his partner, Beryl Greenberg, have been hosting Tuesday’s Spoken Word since KFAI’s inception in 1978, and have been bringing wonderful stories to KFAI listeners every week. The Spoken Word program was KFAI’s longest running show, and Charles’ robust dulcet tones brought the stories and characters to life in our imaginations.

  • Dr. David Agus has an informative conversation about the brave new world of medicine, one in which we can take control of our health like never before and doctors can fine-tune strategies and weapons to prevent illness.

    In his first bestseller, The End of Illness, David Agus revealed how to add vibrant years to your life by knowing the real facts of health. In this book, he builds on that theme by showing why this is the luckiest time yet to be alive, giving you the keys to the new kingdom of wellness.

    Medicine is undergoing rapid change. In the old world, you followed general principles and doctors treated you based on broad, one-size-fits all solutions. In this new golden age, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the latest scientific findings and leverage the power of technology to customize your care. Only those who know how to access and adapt to these breakthroughs—without being distracted by hyped ideas and bad medicine—will benefit. Imagine being able to get fit and lose weight without dieting, train your immune system to fight cancer, edit your DNA to avoid a certain fate, erase the risk of a heart attack, reverse aging, and know exactly which drugs to take to optimize health with zero side effects.
    Health Notes Airs Mondays 6:30-7:30PM

  • The Give Get Sistet will sing Thursday, Jan. 21 at Jazz Central, 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. – three of the members stopped by the Thursday Morning Blend to give a little preview. 

    This is Mankwe Ndosi, Jayanthi Kyle and Libby Turner. KFAI's Paul Brohaugh asked Libby Turner what holds this ensemble together.
  • KFAI's CD & Record Sale takes place this Saturday, January 23rd at the Eagles Club in Minneapolis.  This is the perfect opportunity to add to your music collection and support community radio.

  • KFAI's CD & Record Sale takes place this Saturday, January 23rd at the Eagles Club in Minneapolis.  This is the perfect opportunity to add to your music collection and support community radio.

  • Minneapolis is home to a number of organizations that focus their work on promoting racial equity in the city. Recently, they combined their efforts under the name “OUR MINNEAPOLIS” to announce their intention to issue “report cards”. These regular reports are intended to evaluate the city, the schools and the parks district on the topic of racial equity.  KFAI's Rico Morales has a report. 


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  • Minneapolis’ own “The Anonymous Choir” is perhaps a bit different than other choirs; their website simply says “we sing your favorite songs.” The 15-piece women’s choir has recorded an entire version of the Neil Young record “After the Gold Rush,” and now they’ve just released a 12-inch vinyl record of ten Leonard Cohen songs.

  • In front of a standing room only crowd, the Minneapolis School Board met on the evening of January 12th in North Minneapolis and voted to end its negotiations with Sergio Paez to be the district’s next Superintendent.

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  • KFAI, in partnership with the James J. Hill Library, invites you to our new world music series "The World Live! at The Hill" –  Each month will celebrate the diversity of music and the people of Minnesota.