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  • Join us on Tuesday, October 27th, as we celebrate Day of the Dead, to pay homage to love ones passed on, and play the music dedicated to this special time of year in Mexican culture, and now increasingly in the U.S. Tuesday at noon!

  • On October 31st, supporting Minnesota United supports KFAI! Minnesota United is generously donating 50% of ticket revenue from all ticket sales using the promo code “KFAI” for Halloween’s game against the San Antonio Scorpions. Using the promo code will also waive the standard $3 ticketing fee. Treat yourself to a unique Halloween experience, and feel good about it!

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  • Katie and Blaine Garrett, the curators of, stop by the Morning Blend to talk about up-coming visual arts events and openings throughout the Twin Cities.  KFAI's Ryan Dawes spoke with the Garretts about LED-lit Tarot Card art, Hippie Modernism, Minnesota-themed t-shirt art, and more.  Check out for gallery hours and additional events.

    Photo: Electric Skin by Haus-Rucker-Co, courtesy of the Walker Art Center

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  • We still have about three months to wait for the next Battle of the Jug Bands, an annual contest that warms up parts of Minneapolis each February, not far from our KFAI world headquarters. On Friday, October 23, you can watch a documentary film about this year's championship.

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  • On this week's True Brit! host Simon Husbands chats to audio engineer ( aka Sound Guy ) Mr. Mitch Griffin! Mitch has been the audio engineer at TPT TV for 30 years, musician in town for 35 years, record collector for over 50 years, bon vivant, raconteur and many other things! Join Simon and Mitch as they tittle tattle about musical stuff – Friday night at midnight!

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  • Mackenzie Jensen was on his way to work on a Friday afternoon last August when he fell victim to a random act of violence.  

    A passenger in a white Bronco threw a chunk of cinder block at Jensen, hitting him in the face and causing multiple fractures. Recently, a group of family and friends joined in a ride of support through south Minneapolis.

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  • Preserving the anonymity of confidential sources is one of an investigative journalist’s most important jobs and the foundation upon which concerned citizens and whistleblowers are willing and able to share information.

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  • KFAI is proud to partner with the James J. Hill Library in downtown St. Paul for "The World Live! At The Hill" – a new montly music series featuring music from around the globe.

    The first concert takes features Alma Andina, a local band that combines traditional music from the Andes Mountains with popular Latin American rhythms. 

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  • Thanks listeners for your generous donations and enthusiastic support of Fresh Air Radio during our membership drive! Friday morning from 10 AM to noon on the Fubar Omniverse, come celebrate the end of the drive as we listen to a mix of music as diverse as KFAI itself by Ester Rada and band, recorded live at Global Roots Festival 2015. Born in Israel to Ethiopian parents, Ester sings in English, Amharic, and Hebrew as her band lays down a powerful mix of jazz, funk, soul, and R&B.