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  • KFAI will celebrate Black History Month (BHM) with a special day of programming on Tuesday, February 18, 2014. The station is looking for dynamic live programming – produced by African Americans – that explores the history of our people in America.

    KFAI would like to invite station volunteers, community groups and community members to participate in this year’s programming. Selected proposals will air on February 18th.

  • Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges, Fire Chief John Freutel, Council Member Abdi Warsame and other officials briefed the media on the latest developments in the explosion and fire that destroyed a grocery store and apartment building in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood on New Years’ Day. One body has been recovered from the debris and one person is still missing in connection with the incident. One person receiving treatment has not yet been identified. “It’s gonna take time,” Freutel said. “You can see how unstable that building is.”
    Hodges said authorities are trying to handle the situation “… safely and delicately. I carry a message from the city of Minneapolis to the people so affected by this that the city stands with you.”

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  • With temperatures as cold as those we’ve felt recently, people who are concerned about their own survival may not take the time to consider that even plants have had to find a way to adapt to temperature extremes.
    Earlier this month a team of researchers studying plants published new findings on how flowering plants evolved to move into areas with cold winters.
    One of the researchers involved in the project is Professor Peter Reich of the University of Minnesota. He talked with KFAI’s Ron Thums.

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  • The last sporting event to be held at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome has happened, and now the process will begin to dismantle, remove and eventually replace the downtown Minneapolis stadium. More than thirty years ago, Julian Empson-Loscalzo led an effort to keep the Metrodome from being built. His organization, “Save the Met,” sought to preserve Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington as a venue for major league sports in Minnesota, particularly for the Minnesota Twins. Empson-Loscalzo and his cohorts fought hard and lost that battle. We wanted to find out how he feels about it today. Empson-Loscalzo stopped by KFAI and talked with host Terry Carter on the Morning Blend.

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  • Singer-songwriter Andra Suchy will ring in 2014 with a show at Northeast Palace Tuesday night, but before she does she'll stop by KFAI at 10:30am Monday morning to talk about the year 2013 has been. Suchy is the daughter of folk musician Chuck Suchy and was raised with a heavy musical background on the family farm in North Dakota.

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  • Each week, KFAI’s Cinema Shanty considers a current film that will screen in the Twin Cities. Join Peter Schilling and Kathie Smith as they discuss the most engaging and provocative cinema being produced today.

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  • Just before Christmas a judge in the United Arab Emirates sentenced a Minnesotan living in Dubai to a one year jail term for posting a satirical video on You Tube.
    Shez Cassim has been in prison in since last Spring, in spite of efforts by his family and the U.S. government to win his freedom.
    Cassim’s Minneapolis attorney is Susan Burns. She talked with KFAI’s Yvette Howie on The Morning Blend on Friday, December 27th, 2013.

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  • Just before Christmas, a Hennepin County judge denied a request for a temporary restraining order against the $400 million “Downtown East” development near the future Minnesota Vikings stadium in Minneapolis. The challenge had been brought by two former mayoral candidates and a former City Council president. The suit questioned the way the project is being financed, and whether the city council has the right to establish a park as part of the development.
    One of the plaintiffs in the case was former city council president Paul Ostrow. He talked about the decision with KFAI’s Ron Thums.

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  • Robyn Cruze says, “I gave my soul to my eating disorder. I truly believed that I would die from my illness as so many do. I felt my hearts being tarnished by the dictates of it. I was sinking along with the dreams and purpose I once had. I was treading in the deep end of life with only my nostrils above the waterline. Like the caterpillar that never came out of its cocoon, I was lost in the darkness of isolation. Never to become the butterfly that God intended me to be, that is until recovery”.

    Listen to this important conversation on Health Notes. Health Notes Airs Mondays, 6:30-7:30PM


  • President Obama has told congressional leaders he may “take further action to support the security of U.S. Citizens” in South Sudan.
    Four U.S. service members were injured over the weekend as part of an effort to evacuate almost four hundred U.S. officials and private citizens from the African nation.
    Fighting in South Sudan between government loyalists and rebels who are aligned with a former Vice President has claimed hundreds of lives.
    As Americans and other foreigners leave South Sudan, some South Sudanese are trying to get back into the country. And others who live abroad are trying a new peacemaking tool – they’re attempting to stop the fighting through the use of social media.
    Some of those efforts originate right here in Minnesota. KFAI’s Christina Cerruti has more.

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