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  • Labor Day means teachers and students are returning to school. 

    Last May, the teacher’s union, Education Minnesota, named a new “Teacher of the Year.”   There were well over 100 candidates for the honor from the  ranks of the 70 thousand member union.

    The winner was Thomas Rademacher,  who teachers English at the Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Resources School in Downtown Minneapolis.

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  • With the end of August and the State Fair underway, many Minnesota college students have already headed back to campus. 

    And those who hope to go to college someday should be busy making plans – not only the fun part about choosing a college to attend, but the hard work of figuring out how to pay for it.

    At the State Fair this year, the Minnesota College Savings Plan is enthusiastically trumpeting the state-designated “529” investment plan.   Robert Stern is the plan’s program manager.  He talked with KFAI's Mike Fischbein.  

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  • The End of the Rope: How a botched hanging ended the death penalty in Minnesota

    by Susan Gray


    Tonight on MinneCulture, producer Susan Gray takes an in-depth look at how a botched hanging ended the death penalty in Minnesota.

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  • The shape of the Minnesota Vikings stadium is beginning to rise above the construction pit on the east side of downtown Minneapolis.  The building will feature enormous transparent surfaces to let people inside the stadium see the downtown skyline, and to let those outside feel some of the excitement of what’s going on inside. 

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  • The Ebola outbreak in Liberia, Sierre Leone, and other West African countries is causing a regional public health emergency as health-care workers, families, and others attempt to provide care and supplies.

    Minnesota has the largest Liberian immigrant population in the United States, and last month members of Minnesota’s Liberian Immigrant and Refugee community held a meeting with representatives of Minnesota’s Department of Health to discuss some of their concerns.

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  • With the same extraordinary skill that he used to demystify scientific abstraction and the new physics, Gary Zukay, the award-winning author of The Dancing Wu Li Masters,

  • On Saturday, August 23, 2014 at the Ordway in St. Paul, Jeri Brunoe will portray five characters in a one woman show that invokes the transforming nature of the Salmon. 

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  • Each week, KFAI’s Cinema Shanty considers a current film that will screen in the Twin Cities.  Join Peter Schilling and Kathie Smith as they discuss the most engaging and provocative cinema being produced today.    Although this week they're looking at one of the most engaging and provocative films produced yesterday – as in 1968.    The original Planet of the Apes film is playing August 22-24, 2014 at the Trylon Microcinema.

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  •  Joe Stevens is a California-based singer/songwriter, guitar/banjoman and the main songwriter in the Alt-Americana group Coyote Grace, who released five albums between 2006 and 2012 and toured with the Indigo Girls, Melissa Ferrick, and Girlyman; sharing stages with Chris Pureka, Greensky Bluegrass, Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band, and legends such as Cris Williamson and Lowen and Navarro.

  • As community leaders, activists and authorities in Ferguson, Missouri continue to try to resolve an ongoing, tense situation there, scholars in the field of Criminal Justice are taking a close look at how this and other conflicts have developed.

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