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  • Family caregiving expert David Levy sets forth how to evaluate priorities, understand options, and face bedrock issues (legal, financial, emotional, social), so caregivers can make wise and informed decisions for their loved ones, while gaining peace of mind from knowing they did the best they could under the circumstances.

    Drawing from over twenty-five years of experience, Levy provides caregivers with a model for effective planning and problem-solving, focusing on the nonclinical aspects of caregiving, which are often neglected by medical professionals:

    Caring for young and old victims of disability, illness, and chronic disorders Finding ways to make our healthcare system work Assembling core information about a loved one’s life Developing a realistic view of how much care a loved one needs today and may need tomorrow, and understanding that continuum of care Locating resources that can make a difference in making sure a loved one’s care-needs are met Finding a good family caregiver support group Overcoming the roadblocks the caregiver’s feelings of distress and failure can create Taking a practical approach to that overused phrase “Take care of yourself.”

    Health Notes Airs Mondays 6:30-7:30PM

  • Tune in Wed. night to TravoRamo Fa Fa Fa on KFAI . We'll be talking to original bassisit for The Bangles , Annette Zilinskas and find out what it was like to be a teenage

    bangle! We'll also hear cuts from the new cd Ladies and Gentlemen …The Bangles , a collection of original material and rare tracks! Plus much,much more! 

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  • With the on-going strike by the MN Nurses Association having daily press conferences across the street from Abbott Northwestern, Allina’s CEO and President, Dr. Penny Wheeler, has daily updates as well to reply to the concerns.


    KFAI is looking for assistance in reviewing a collection of program samples that have been submitted for a schedule opening on Sunday at 2pm.

    These eight submissions are all, or partially, presented in languages other than English.

  •  Photo: KFAI's Latino Alt Rock Co-host Pablo Miranda resting in the KFAI studio.

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  • State Senator John Marty with striking nurses

     Photo:  State Senator John Marty with striking nurses (photo by Rico Morales) 

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