KFAI volunteer Aaron Westendorp is well known around the station for his quick wit and generous spirit. He has a regular on-air shift engineering our broadcast of Democracy Now on Friday mornings between 8 and 9 am.

As a News Department intern, Aaron has also edited features, interviewed politicians and musicians, and done a report on Low Power FM Radio in the Twin Cities. And now he has added another talent to his collected skills – reading the news. Aaron wrote, edited and presented a live hourly news update during Doug Cain’s Global Beat program. This may make Aaron the only non-verbal radio newscaster in the world. (If you know of another one, please let us know!)

We’re grateful to Aaron for the work he does in support of KFAI. His presence on the air helps our station pursue an important part of its mission – to provide a voice for people ignored or misrepresented by mainstream media.

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Ten years ago an American contractor working in Iraq came back on leave to his family in Namibia. Former Army Captain Timothy Eysselinck was under great stress at the time. He was suffering from professional disillusionment and what we now know as PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
While his wife watched, Tim Eysselinck put a pistol to his head and took his own life.
Tim’s mother is the author, poet, playwright Janet Burroway. Ten years after his death she has written a memoir of her son, called “Losing Tim.”
It is both a remembrance and a call to action to confront the honest realities of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
KFAI’s Mike Fischbein talked with Burroway about her son, and specifically about the sort of person he was.

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It’s Earth Day – an observance that was launched more than four decades ago as an education effort about environmental issues.
Today, the environment is an everyday topic. That’s certainly true for Lewis Gilbert, who is managing director and chief operating officer of the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota. He stopped by KFAI to talk with Terry Carter about how students provide the energy that makes the observance possible, and to explain why Earth Day still matters.

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For centuries, chia seeds were revered by both the Maya and Aztecs for their amazing energy and natural healing powers. Today, it’s no wonder that chia is one of the hottest superfoods around: Gram for gram, it has 70 percent more protein than soybeans, 25 percent more fiber than flaxseed, 30 percent more antioxidants than blueberries, 600 percent more calcium than milk, and is the richest known source of plant-based Omega-3s. Reaping the nutritional benefits of chia can be as simple as mixing a tablespoon into a smoothie or tossing it on a salad—but that is just the beginning!
In Chia Vitality, Mamma Chia founder Janie Hoffman shows how integrating chia into your diet can boost your stamina, help you lose weight, and feel more alive than ever before. Informed by research as well as Hoffman’s personal experience this program offers a 30-day integrative approach to well-being with this little superseed at its center.

Health Notes Airs Mondays – 6:30-7:30PM


The Twin Cities based rap group Heiruspecs has released five albums and fans have been anticipating the sixth for six years. The waiting is coming to an end on Tuesday, April 22nd, and a release party (21+) is scheduled for the Amsterdam Bar and Hall in St. Paul on Saturday, April 26th at 9pm.

Felix, a member of Heiruspecs, stopped by KFAI to talk about the group’s history with hosts DJ Kary and DJ Lady Em on the web program “Versed Radio.” You can hear the entire interview at our website, Select “Versed Radio” from the program menu.

Thanks to Abi Hill for editing this feature.

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The University of Minnesota describes its efforts to encourage equity and diversity as being critical to campus culture and climate. But two student groups claim the University is only engaging in a marketing and PR campaign around diversity that lacks seriousness.

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Human Services Commissioner Lucinda Jesson was at the State Security Hospital Facility in St. Peter recently to promote a state bonding request to rebuild the facility. She encouraged legislators to approve the funding to help make the facility better and safer for patients and employees.

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Philip Saunders has been throwing people around the ropes for 16 years. He’s a promoter and wrestler for Oldschool Championship Wrestling, which is hosting an event at the National Guard Armory in Northeast Minneapolis. Saunders wrestles under name Soul Brotha Number One. He stopped by KFAI to talk with Paul Brohaugh on The Morning Blend.

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This week the JAZZED UP AND BONKERS boys take you on a virtual tour
of 5 Twin City record stores previewing the annual RECORD STORE DAY happenings.
From St Paul to Minnepolis, Dan and Travis visit Cheapo, Barely Brothers, Hymie’s Vintage Records,
Extreme Noise, Roadrunner and speak with their staff. They also share their purchases from each
store with YOU the listener!

On this Friday's True Brit!, host Simon Husbands will be chatting to ( and probing )  entertainment industry expert Christie Healey!

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