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  • On this week's True Brit! host Simon Husbands takes a few minutes to prod and probe Mr. Brian Just of the Brian Just Band – find out more about this great singer / songewriter at or just tune in to True Brit! on Friday night at midnight. Or any time, streaming on KFAI!

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  • Local songwriter Taylor Robert brings his “roll n’ soul” songwriting style to Pam Without Boundaries Monday, May 6th, 11am. The son of a traveling preacher, Taylor honed his incredible, soulful singing chops in church choirs, becoming a stand-out soloist before he reached middle-school. Once his family landed in Minnesota, he had the chance to leave again, touring as a youngster with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

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  • On this week's True Brit!, singer songwriter Steve Noonan will be in the studio to talk shop, as well as to play some songs and share his passions! Join him and host Simon Husbands for a 'once around the block' on Friday night at midnight!

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  • In collaboration with the Walker Art Center, KFAI will provide a live remote broadcast of a “Heroic Frenzies: The Music of Craig Taborn” on Friday, April 26, at 8pm (MN Sound & Jet Set Planet will return next week).

    An acclaimed pianist and composer, Craig Taborn will return to his beloved Minneapolis at the Walker Art Center, and present performances in three different settings – as a solo pianist featuring work from his first solo performance on the ECM label, “Avenging Angel” – then eclectic compositions with his current band, Junk Magic (Dave King/drums; Erik Fratzke/bass; Chris Speed/tenor saxophone; Mat Maneri/viola) AND in his trio setting with long-time colleagues Gerald Cleaver/drums and Thomas Morgan/bass -Taborn’s newest release just released two weeks ago – “Chants”.

    To find out where you can hear more Craig Taborn on KFAI

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  • On this week's True Brit!, host Simon Husbands will be welcoming Blake Thomas – acclaimed musician and creator of the new radio themed musical, STAY TUNED – and we'll be giving away tickets for you to enjoy!

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  • WE Jammin LIVE in KFAI IN-STUDIO 5,
    Ray Covington & Guests hosted by The Lennie Chism Show

    Attend Ray Covington and Guests After Hours – … on air live
    in-studio set hosted by The Lennie Chism Show at KFAI Radio
    Late Friday Night, Early Saturday Morning 2:30am-3:30am

    We’ll be livestreaming “The Lennie Chism Show” friday overnight or saturday morning between
    2:00 am – 6:00 am. We invite you to check it out.

    Here is the URL to see the livestream feed…


    Friday, April 19, two talented vocalists from different corners of the music world visit the Fubar Omniverse (10 AM-Noon).

  • It’s no April Fool’s that your Monday morning music on KFAI will be busy and fun! Tune in at 10am for the Subway Music in the Zoo summer concert series line-up announcement—not advertised anywhere yet, KFAI listeners will be among the very first to find out which horn players, incredible guitarists and cheeky songwriters, and ivory-ticklers will be coming to Apple Valley this season. Then listen for your chance to see Carrie Rodriguez as we get ready to welcome Sonny Knight to the studio.

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  • Set your radio dial, computer, or intergalatic beamer to the  KFAI's Collective Eye, this Saturday from Noon- 1:30 pm, for a final celebration of International Women's Day. "and the ebb but reveals ME again" is an excerpt of a work from Zora Neale Hurston and seven illustrious women – Debra J. Stone, Lori-Young Williams, Amoke Kubat, Sha' Cage, Genesia Williams, Tish Jones and Beverly Cottman – will perform/read/create their individual interpretations of Hurston's work.

  • On this week's True Brit! host Simon Husbands will be talking to bass player Sal Maida – Sal played bass with Roxy Music and Sparks in the 70's and since then has had a glorious career playing bass with the finest – including his current band, Cracker…….join Simon and Sal on Friday at midnight, and discover how Sal ended up as a 21 year old kid playing with one of the biggest bands in the world – and how his bass playing took him to the wilds of Iraq! All this and more, on True Brit!

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