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  • St. Paul Central High School’s Central Touring Theater (CTT) has been creating original social justice theater for more than three decades. At CTT, juniors and seniors become teachers, and theater to present important issues that resonate in their lives, including racsim, sexism, depression and abuse.

    Last spring the group took its play, Training Day: The Battles We Face, on the road—performing and leading workshops at schools locally and nationally. The high-energy show incorporates singing, dancing and hip hop to entertain and enlighten, confronting struggles that students face in and out of the classroom.

    This week MinneCulture presents an excerpt from Training Day: The Battles We Face, with commentary by CTT founder Jan Mandell, and teaching partner Emily Gill. This Live from Minnesota segment airs Monday and Wednesday at 7:30pm, and was produced for KFAI by Daniel Zamzow.

  • The Children’s Defense Fund recently put out their 2013 Child Well-Being report. The report ranks the well-being of children in all 50 U.S. states based on health care, education and many other factors. The Report ranks Minnesota at number 4 on the list. Elaine Cunningham the Interim Director of Children’s Defense Fund Minnesota and Stephanie Hogenson, the organization’s outreach specialist recently spoke with KFAI’s Terry Carter on the Morning Blend. Terry asked the question… What are we doing right?

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  • Eariler In June , Northern Spark provided a collection of all-night arts events in the Lowertown section of St. Paul, and this weekend Minneapolis will answer with its own late-night arts extravaganza  – a free festival called Secret City


    Musicians, actors, dancers, bicyclists, ping pong players and more will congregate starting at 6 p.m. on Saturday, lighting up the Midtown Greenway and sections of downtown and the Loring Park area, including the Minneapolis Convention Center. 


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  • June 20th  is an important day for people from the African nation of Eritrea.  It’s Eritrean Martyr’s Day – a day set aside to honor those who died in the country’s war for independence. 

    Eritreans all over the world observe it, including here in the Twin Cities where an event is held  at the Eritrean Community Center at 1935 University Avenue in St. Paul. 

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  • Five KFAI producers have received Page One Awards from the Minnesota chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ). Jessica Folker, Dan Greenwood, Marisa Helms and Daniel Zamzow won awards for work they produced for KFAI’s Legacy Project—the station’s arts and culture initiative managed by Nancy Sartor. KFAI’s Libby Donohue was also recognized with a Page One Award for a story she produced for News Director Dale Connelly.

    KFAI’s Legacy Project includes short features that are broadcast on the Morning Blend (Monday through Friday from 6 to 8am), and audio documentaries and live performances that air during MinneCulture (Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:30 to 8pm). Now in its third cycle, the Legacy Project is supported by a grant from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Links to all of KFAI’s Legacy stories can be found at

    Photo L to R: Daniel Zamow, Libby Donohue, Dan Greenwood, Marisa Helms, Dale Connelly, Nancy Sartor. Not pictured: Jessica Folker.

    KFAI 2012-13 Award Winners

    Libby Donohue
    Category: Hard News Report [Radio]
    Walker Church Destroyed, Community Looks to Future

    Jessica Folker
    Category: Mini-documentary/In-depth series [Radio]
    Military Intelligence Service Language School at Fort Snelling

    Dan Greenwood
    Category: Feature-length documentary [Radio]
    West Hills State School: A Troubled Past for the Owatonna Orphanage

    Marisa Helms
    Category: Feature-length documentary [Radio]
    Third Home from Burma: Minnesota’s Karen Community

    Daniel Zamzow
    Category: Feature [Radio]
    Twin Cities Hmong Hip-Hop on the Rise

  • Ever since Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak announced he would not run for reelection, it has been a volatile race for mayor of Minneapolis. At least 10 candidates entered the contest. On Saturday, DFL activists gathered at the Minneapolis Convention Center to narrow the field by bestowing an endorsement on one candidate, but after thirteen hours of speeches, votes and political drama, the conference ended in a stalemate. KFAI’s Trisha Collopy and Sagirah Shahid were there, and they collaborated to file this report.

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  • Built in the 1890s, the Kirkbride state hospital in Fergus Falls has had a controversial past. Despite being listed on the state’s historical registry, it had been slated for demolition. Last week the Fergus Falls city council agreed to allow a developer from Georgia to convert the vacant treatment center into a $41-million-dollar facility, featuring apartments, a hotel, a gym, and restaurants.

    On the next MinneCulture, KFAI producer Susan Gray presents Second Chances: The Story of Fergus Falls State Hospital, and explores the history of this rural institution. Tune in Monday and Wednesday, June 17 and 19, from 7:30 to 8pm.

  • Next week, an “epic aerial musical” will take flight in the Twin Cities.  “Herocycle” is a play that’s set in the psyche of Evel Kneivel as he prepares to take his last epic jump – described as a passage from this world into the next. 

    Eric Hoover is credited as producer and with helping to conceive the play.  He appears in it as Robert Kneivel. co starring with another actor pottraying the daredevil, Evel. 

    Hoover talked with Paul Brohaugh on KFAI's Morning Blend.  

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  • Tune in to Health Notes at 6:30 pm Monday, June 10. The topic for the evening is Validation—recognizing and accepting your child’s thoughts and feelings, regardless of whether or not you feel that your child should be experiencing them—helps children develop a lifelong sense of self-worth. Children who are validated feel reassured that they will be accepted and loved regardless of their feelings, while children who are not validated are more vulnerable.

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  • Minneapolis has earned its first ever “5-park bench rating” from the Trust for Public Land.  The city took first place in the Trust's ParkScore Index, pulling away from last year's winner, San Francisco.

    John Erwin is the President of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. John talked about the ahchievement with Siobhan Keirans on KFAI’s Morning Blend.

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