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  • Minnesota will soon host four thousand teachers from all across the nation. The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools will hold its 12th annual convention June 19th – 22nd in Minneapolis.
    Charter schools are tuition-free public schools that are allowed to be more innovative while being held accountable for student achievement. While charter schools may seem like a new idea to some, they’ve been a feature of the education scene for 20 years now, and over 2 million students are enrolled. The National Alliance advocates for charter schools and just named a new Chief Executive . Nina Rees will be formally introduced at the convention in Minneapolis . She talked with Bob Hines and Michelle Alimoradi on KFAI’s Weekly News.

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  • Story by Eric Blom, Bob Hines & Michelle Alimoradi

    Last spring, the Minneapolis City Council amended a zoning code to allow commercial agriculture in the city.
    KFAI’s Eric Blom talked to members of Stones Throw Urban Farm and Project Sweetie Pie about how this growing movement is feeding communities and teaching valuable life skills.
    And Project Sweetie’s Michael Chaney stopped by the KFAI Weekly news to talk with Bob Hines and Michelle Alimoradi.

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  • Story by Bob Hines & Michelle Alimoradi

    Over the last three decades, more than 93,000 refugees have come to Minnesota. Refugees have been resettling in Minnesota in large numbers since the mid-1990s. Minnesota has become home to some of the largest communities of Hmong, Somali and Liberians in the United States. Saturday, June 16th at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis, World Refugee Day will be celebrated with entertainment, food and education.
    Two of the honorary chairpeople for the event are Mohammed Meran Ahmed and Fatuma Elmi.

    Mohammed Meran Ahmed was born and raised in Iraq and lived through multiple wars and hardships. He is trained as an aircraft engineer, and now makes his home in Minnesota.

    Fatuma Elmi was born in Somalia where the collapse of the government in the early 90’s made it necessary for many Somali people to find homes elsewhere. Though she had a good education and had worked for an oil company in the United Arab Emirates, she took a housekeeping job at a Minneapolis hotel to make ends meet. She has worked with other refugees for 17 years through Lutheran Social Services.

    Chairpersons Ahmed and Elmi appeared on KFAI’s Weekly News.

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  • Story by Terry Carter

    The St. Paul City Council unanimously passed a resolution on June 13th to support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would declare that corporations are not people.
    The Minneapolis City Council is expected to take up a similar measure. This is part of an effort called “Resolutions Week” where local units of government nationwide are being asked to take a position on the issue of corporate personhood and the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision.
    Minnesota’s Fifth District Congressman Keith Ellison has been active in the effort to push a Constitutional amendment. He talked with KFAI’s Terry Carter on The Takeaway.

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  • Walker Community United Methodist Church was destroyed by fire on Sunday, May 27th.
    The next day, church members, neighbors and frequent church visitors gathered to plan for the future.
    KFAI’s Libby Donohue has a report.

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  • Story by Bob Hines

    Heading Home Hennepin is a 10 year plan to end homelessness in Minneapolis and Hennepin County. The effort, launched in 2006, is built around an unprecedented level of cooperation by government, business, nonprofits, faith and philanthropic communities, and homeless and formerly homeless citizens.

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  • Story by Bob Hines

    Twelve months after a tornado struck North Minneapolis on May 22, 2011, we checked in with homeowner Jeff Tyson, who has had a year of progress and frustration as he tries to return his home to the condition it was in before the storm arrived.  Tyson talked with KFAI's Bob Hines on the Weekly News. 

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  • This week we observed the one year anniversary of the tornado strike on North Minneapolis.

    Louis King is the chair of the Northside Community Response Team.  He  told KFAI’s Dale Connelly that the North Side is 95% back to where it was before the storm, but that still puts it in a condition of severe economic distress.  Still, he's optimistic.   And while you can still see tornado damage, it’s what you don’t see that matters most.

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  • Story by Mike Fischbein


    The Minneapolis City Council is expected to issue the final OK on construction of a new Vikings Stadium this week.  After an exhaustive process at the state legislature the almost 1 billion dollar football stadium  emerged as one of very few accomplishments of the state’s lawmakers this session.  But the process is not finished.   

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  • Story by Shanna Gratton

    Fu Manchu to Soul Patch. Mutton Chops to a classic lumberjack, beards are more than merely a way to be stylish or keep one’s face warm. They are personal statements and a basis for serious competition.
    On March 24th, the Minnesota Beard-Off will happen at First Avenue.

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