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  • Minneapolis will elect a new mayor this coming Fall.
    Voters will have a wide range of choices, with 35 names appearing on the ballot. KFAI has extended an invitation to all of the candidates, and several have accepted the offer to be interviewed.
    One of the candidates goes by the name Captain Jack Sparrow. He talked with KFAI’s Dale Connelly, who asked if the name connected with a fictional pirate is actually his legal name.

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  • KFAI’s Mike Fischbein has been talking with experienced canoeist Natalie Warren on the Morning Blend. Warren has organized an ambitious trip, paddling down the Mississippi River. She and ten others began their trip at Lake Bemidji State Park. One week into the journey, Natalie shared her experiences with Mike and the crew of The Morning Blend.

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  • Natalie Morrow directs the Twin Cities Black Film Festival. It opens Sept. 26th at the Showplace Icon Theater in St. Louis Park.
    You can find out more at Twin Cities Black Film Festival dot org. Natalie talked with Mike Fischbein on KFAI’s Morning Blend

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  • The Grand Marais Art Colony has been a destination for artists, students and instructors for more than 50 years. Tonight MinneCulture presents the second of a two-part documentary: Doing Art on the Corner of 3rd Avenue West and 2nd Street: Recollections of 50 years in the Grand Marais Art Colony Studio, produced for WTIP, North Shore Community Radio. WTIP is a member of Ampers.

  • Jaymie Kelly has been in the news as a person whose home is in foreclosure, and she’s working with the Occupy Homes organization to try to hang on to her property in the Powderhorn neighborhood of Minneapolis. Recently, Occupy Homes sponsored a rally at Jaymie’s house to express support for her in defiance of JP Morgan Chase Bank, and to endorse the idea of a so-called “Eviction Free Zone” in south Minneapolis.
    Kelly stopped by KFAI and talked to Cynthia Montana, who wanted to know why Kelly is running for mayor.

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  • Merrill Anderson has run a public relations business and a driving school. He ran for the state legislature and the city council in Minneapolis back in the ‘60’s, and now in his 70’s, has returned to politics.
    Merrill Anderson talked with KFAI’s Cynthia Montana and told her why he wants to be mayor.

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  • John Philip Sousa was a composer who wrote marches and led the U.S. Marine Band at the end of the 19th Century. It may be hard to imagine today, but Brass Band music was popular in the 1890’s. So popular that in 1892 a promoter convinced Sousa to leave the Marines to set up a civilian band to play brass music for a mass audience.
    Next week marks the one hundred and eleventh anniversary of the first public concert by Sousa’s Band.
    Though the popular musical landscape has shifted, the community band tradition is kept alive today by ensembles like the First John Philip Sousa Memorial Band, which is based in Edina. KFAI’s Aaron Westendorp talked with the band’s director, Scott Crosbie.
    Aaron is non-verbal, so he asks questions with the assistance of speech software. Though his voice sounds somewhat mechanical, Aaron is very real and very interested in the bright, brassy sound of Crosbie’s “John Philip Sousa Memorial Band.”
    Scott Crosbie told Aaron that in its early days in the 1970’s, the band would do impromptu performances, operating like a modern day flash mob.

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  • Cam Winton is one of the 35 candidates for Mayor of Minneapolis. Like all the candidates, when Winton filed for office, he was allowed to choose three words to appear on the ballot alongside his name. For Winton, those words are Independent, Responsible, and Inclusive. He told KFAI’s Janis Lane-Ewart why he chose those words.

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  • The American Refugee Committee is a Minnesota-based International Relief Organization working in Somalia to promote economic development.
    “The Somalia Livelihoods Project” is designed to address a massive unemployment problem among young people in the East African nation.

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  • Kurtis Hanna is one of the candidates for Mayor this year in the city of Minneapolis. He and 34 others will appear on the ballot this November.
    Hanna talked with KFAI’s Dale Connelly.

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