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  • A St. Paul based organization called Small Sums is working locally to help adults who need support with necessary financing to get education, or to become established in housing and employment.

    Terre Thomas is executive director of Small Sums. She stopped by KFAI and talked with Yvette Howie on The Morning Blend.

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  • A candlelight vigil was held Sunday for as many as 300 people who drowned in a shipwreck near the island of Lampedusa in the Mediterranean on October 4th. More than 150 American Eritreans living in the Twin Cities gathered on October 13th at Battle Creek Regional Park in Maplewood to remember those who were lost, many of whom were Eritreans and Somali.

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  • Summit Academy OIC has been chosen by the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority to be the Employment Assistance Firm for the construction of the Vikings stadium in Minneapolis. This means Summit Academy is going to identify qualified workers to help the project meet its goals of employing a diverse workforce.
    Louis King is CEO of Summit Academy OIC. He talked with KFAI’s Mike Fischbein on The Morning Blend.

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  • Wed, Oct 9, 7:30pm on MinneCulture:

    He was the spokesperson for the Jazz Age. A big drinker who enjoyed the high life. One-half of the golden couple of the Roaring ’20s. He was F. Scott Fitzgerald. And before the celebrity and success of “The Great Gatsby,” he was a St. Paul boy who dreamed of becomming a great American author. KFAI producer Britt Aamodt talks with noted Fitzgerald scholar Dave Page, and tours St. Paul with guide Ann Melhus in this audio documentary, This Side of Summit Avenue: Fitzgerald in the St. Paul Years.

  • How do you explain breast cancer to your two young boys as you fight the hardest physical battle of your life? Local songwriter Katy Tessman Stanoch asked herself this question as she fought breast cancer and did what most people would do: she searched for a children’s book to help her sons face the frightening and confusing journey that lay before them. This journey included Mama going through a double-mastectomy, 14 weeks of chemotherapy and reconstructive surgeries. As Tessman Stanoch started down her treatment path, she found no book to help her sons understand what they were going through. So, she wrote one. Tune in to Pam Without Boundaries on Monday, October 7th at 10:30am to hear about the release of “Our Mama is a Beautiful Garden” and songs Tessman Stanoch chose for the soundtrack to her journey from fight to healing.

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  • This past Saturday, many people gathered in downtown Minneapolis to express their frustration that Congress has not been able to pass an Immigration Reform Bill.
    At least twenty five organizations were represented at the rally. KFAI’s Josefina Catalan was there, and she filed this report.

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  • The Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women is launching a statewide awareness campaign to call attention to domestic violence in the state.
    The effort is called “Live Violence Free,” and it uses a flag as a symbol of the effort to reduce violence in our communities.

    Liz Richards is the Executive Director of the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women. She stopped by KFAI and talked with Yvette Howie, who asked how the flag campaign works.

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  • The Federal Government shutdown is the result of an argument between Republicans and Democrats in Washington. A small group of Republican House members insists on linking a continuing resolution to fund the government to their desire to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare.” The president and Democratic leaders will not bargain with the health care law, and are pressing Republicans to pass what they call a “clean” budget resolution so government operations can continue.

    This struggle is also connected to a showdown over the federal debt ceiling, which needs to be raised to keep the government from defaulting on its financial obligations.

    Congressman Keith Ellison represents Minnesota’s 5th District. He talked about the dispute with KFAI’s Yvette Howie.

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  • More than 700 professional and amateur racquetball players in the Twin Cities for the United Health Care U.S. Open Championships. The event is billed as the most prestigious tournament in professional racquetball, and it offers the players more than 65 thousand dollars in prize money.

    At the same time the tournament is expected to bring 4 million dollars into the region in terms of economic impact. The games are played at Target Center in downtown Minneapolis. From the semi-finals on out the key matches for men and women will happen in a Lucite see-through court surrounded by up to one thousand spectators.

    Jose Rojas is the number four rated racquetball player in the world. He talked with KFAI’s Paul Brohaugh about the Championships, and the world’s number one player, Kane Wasenlenchuk.

    Rojas recently defeated Wasenlenchuk, and Paul asked him how he did it.

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  • The City of Minneapolis is looking for get-out-the-vote and voter education help from people who like to make short videos. Anissa Hollinshead and Rebecca Nguyen are with the City Clerk’s office. They stopped by KFAI and talked to Paul Brohaugh about the effort to inspire voters for the November 5th election.

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