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  • Just before Christmas, a Hennepin County judge denied a request for a temporary restraining order against the $400 million “Downtown East” development near the future Minnesota Vikings stadium in Minneapolis. The challenge had been brought by two former mayoral candidates and a former City Council president. The suit questioned the way the project is being financed, and whether the city council has the right to establish a park as part of the development.
    One of the plaintiffs in the case was former city council president Paul Ostrow. He talked about the decision with KFAI’s Ron Thums.

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  • President Obama has told congressional leaders he may “take further action to support the security of U.S. Citizens” in South Sudan.
    Four U.S. service members were injured over the weekend as part of an effort to evacuate almost four hundred U.S. officials and private citizens from the African nation.
    Fighting in South Sudan between government loyalists and rebels who are aligned with a former Vice President has claimed hundreds of lives.
    As Americans and other foreigners leave South Sudan, some South Sudanese are trying to get back into the country. And others who live abroad are trying a new peacemaking tool – they’re attempting to stop the fighting through the use of social media.
    Some of those efforts originate right here in Minnesota. KFAI’s Christina Cerruti has more.

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  • Comedian, satirist, essayist and activist Lizz Winstead returns to the Twin Cities with her year-in-review and she’ll join Pam on KFAI Monday morning at 10am for a preview. Saturday, December 28th and Tuesday, December 31st Winstead brings “2013: The Windbag Beneath My Wings” to the Cedar Cultural Center. Musician Sam Breckenridge warms up the crowd each night as guests prepare to remember the outrageous happenings in the political and public spheres that made news headlines—or maybe needed to make more news headlines—filtered through Winstead’s savvy and sharply-focused lens.

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  • On December 19th, a march was held in Minneapolis to honor more than 140 homeless people who died in 2013.
    It was the 29th Annual Homeless Memorial March and Service, and it involved homeless people, their families and supporters.
    KFAI’s Rico Morales was there and talked to many of the participants, including Jeff, who explained what brought him to the event …

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  • Each week, KFAI’s Cinema Shanty considers a current film that will screen in the Twin Cities. Join Peter Schilling and Kathie Smith as they discuss the most engaging and provocative cinema being produced today.
    This week, Kathie and guest host John Moret talk about the new Coen Brothers film, “Inside Llewyn Davis,” playing at the Uptown Theater.

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  • Eyenga Bokamba has been appointed Director of Sprockets – a St. Paul collaboration between the city, the school district and a host of community organizations to provide summer and after-school programs for young people in the city.
    Bokamba is an experienced educator who most recently was the Youth Programs Manager at Pillsbury House in Minneapolis. She has also worked as a teacher, spending thirteen years in the Hopkins district.
    She talked with KFAI’s Paul Brohaugh, who asked why it’s important to support summertime and after-school programs.

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  • A major study of autism in Minnesota was released this week. Researchers found that Somali and White children in Minneapolis were about equally likely to be identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder, also known as ASD. But those two groups were more likely to have ASD than Latino children or non-Somali Black children. The results provide some vindication for Somali people who have said autism is a serious problem in their community.
    Amira Adawe is one of the researchers who worked on the study, and Amy Hewitt is the study’s primary investigator. They talked with KFAI’s Mike Fischbein, who asked if it’s accurate to say that the question raises more questions than it answers.

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  • Womenfolk’s “Songs of Winter” special on 12/17 featuring an interview with Heather Masse.

  • An American citizen who graduated from the University of Minnesota is being held in prison in the United Arab Emirates for doing something that seems inconsequential in the United States – Shez Cassim posted a satirical video to You Tube. For that act, he’s been in jail since last April.
    KFAI’s Christina Cerruti reports that Cassim’s family and Human Rights activists have called for his release, citing human rights treaties adopted by the United Nations.

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  • The Republican Party of Minnesota will relocate to a new headquarters in Minneapolis. The party announced it’s moving from an office near the state capitol complex in St. Paul to the Seward neighborhood at 2200 East Franklin Avenue. The move was influenced by a desire to save money, and to bring the party’s offices from an area ‘inside the political beltway’ to an area closer to “regular Minnesotans.” Keith Downey is the chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota. He talked with KFAI’s Ron Thums on the Morning Blend.

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