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  • This coming Sunday at 10:30 am, Plymouth Congregational Church in South Minneapolis will present a unique worship service – one built around the musical and spoken word art form of hip hop. Plymouth’s Senior Minister James Gertmenian hopes bringing together a rapper, a band and a youth choir will strengthen the spirituality of those who attend, even while he recognizes that some parishioners may not immediately see the connection between hip hop and heaven.

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  • Since 1957, the Minnesota Council on Crime and Justice has tackled many issues in Minnesota’s criminal justice system to advocate within the system and reduce the overall impact and consequences of a criminal record. The Council on Crime and Justice and the MN Second Chance Coalition has joined hundreds of former offenders and their supporters to address the disenfranchisement of those who want to vote, find jobs, housing, and other issues.

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  • Have you checked out the new variety of KFAI's Web Exclusive programming yet? JAZZED UP AND BONKERS is one of those shows. 

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  • It’s still too cold and snowy to begin planting your vegetable garden, but an organization called Minnesota Community Solar just announced that its first community solar garden is “fully subscribed.”

    Ken Bradley is the CEO of Minnesota Community Solar. He talked with KFAI’s Paul Brohaugh, who asked him to explain the community solar concept.

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  • Wed, March 5, 7:30pm
    Rosalie Wahl: Minnesota’s first female Supreme Court Justice
    Produced by Britt Aamodt

    In 1977, the Women’s Movement scored a major victory with Roe v. Wade, but Congress failed to pass the Equal Rights Amendment. In Minnesota, a pro-life Catholic governor and a public defender, poet and mother of four would make state history when Rudy Perpich appointed Rosalie Wahl as Minnesota’s first female Supreme Court Justice. In this audio documentary, Britt Aamodt examines one of Minnesota’s most significant heroes in women’s history. Featuring Lori Sturdevant, author of “Her Honor: Rosalie Wahl & the Minnesota Women’s Movement,” and Betty Wilson, author of “Rudy! The People’s Governor.”

    Tune into MinneCulture tonight, Wed, March 5, at 7:30pm to hear the full program. MinneCulture is made possible by a grant from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

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  • Sometimes what you planned as a one-time event becomes something much more.

    Abdul “Duke” Fakir, Levi Stubbs, Lawrence Payton and Renaldo “Obie” Benson sang together at a friend’s birthday party for the first time in 1954. They enjoyed it so much that they decided that night to start a group, first named “The Four Aims” and later changed to the “Four Tops”.

    The Four Tops helped shaped the sound of Motown and brought joy to the hearts of many with songs like “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch”, and “Reach Out I’ll Be There”.

    On February 23rd, one of the group’s founding members, Abdul Fakir, was honored with the Living Legend award by St. Peter’s AME Church in South Minneapolis.

    KFAI’s Jumondeh Tweh was there, and he talked with “Duke” Fakir about the group’s great history and classic songs.

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  • Minnesota is known for many things related to weather and fishing, but probably not for its Japanese drumming.
    But the state boasts a Taiko drum ensemble that has been around for 17 years.
    Mu Daiko is celebrating its anniversary with some shows at the Cowles Center in downtown Minneapolis this weekend.
    You can find out more online at Mu Performing Arts dot org.
    KFAI’s Doug Cain, host of program Global Beat (Wednesdays at noon), spoke with artistic director, Iris Shiraishi and fellow performer, Susan Tanabe.

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  • Spring Back: A Cabaret on Resilience

    Wednesday, March 5, 7pm
    Whole Music Club, Coffman Union, 300 Washington Ave SE

    KFAI is a proud co-sponsor of the 8th annual Transgender Commission Celebration at Coffman Union, Spring Back: A Cabaret on Resilience. In conjunction with the University of Minnesota’s Transgender Commission, and the GLBTA Programs Office, it is part of KFAI’s What’s in the Mix series. The event features performances and a panel discussion by local artists and activists, including CeCe McDonald, Venessa Fuentes, James DeWitt, Kenneth Williams, Margot Bassett, and Molly Van Avery; as well as emcee Sol Raz Asanti and moderator Jason Jackson.

    The University of Minnesota’s Transgender Commission is a coalition of students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members working for equity, access, and liberation for people of all gender identities and expressions, led by trans*, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming people across the U of M and local Twin Cities community.

    The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Ally (GLBTA) Programs Office is dedicated to improving campus climate for all University of Minnesota constituents by developing and supporting more inclusive understandings of gender and sexuality.

    What’s in the Mix is made possible by a grant from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. It will be recorded and edited for later broadcast on MinneCulture, KFAI’s weekly arts and culture program.

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  • A call for global unity and compassion was the focus of a speech delivered by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet during a visit to Minneapolis this weekend..
    KFAI’s Christina Cerruti was at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum and has this report.

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  • President Obama visited St. Paul on February 26, 2014. He spoke at the newly restored Union Depot and presented it as an example of what federal and local partnerships can do, while also promoting what he calls his “Opporunity Agenda”. KFAI’s Janis Lane-Ewart was there, and told host Paul Brohaugh about the president’s visit on the Thursday edition of The Morning Blend.

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