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  • Experienced canoeist Natalie Warren is taking an ambitious trip down the Mississippi River. Along with nine friends she’s paddling from the headwaters to New Orleans, a three month-long effort to connect with people all along America’s major river system. KFAI will check in with Natalie and her team throughout the journey. She talked with Mike Fischbein on the Morning Blend at the start of her journey.

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  • Andrew Dirks is a physics teacher at Highland Park High School, and he’s also a filmmaker. He was inspired by a J.J. Abrams movie called “Super 8”, and decided to make something similar using his summers off. Dirks’ film is called “Nicollet Island.” and he stopped by KFAI’s Morning Blend program to talk with Mike Fischbein.

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  • Minneapolis will elect a new mayor this coming Fall, and voters will see 35 names on the ballot. Some have run for office before to offer ideas that are far from what would be considered mainstream political thought. One such candidate is John Wilson, who talked with KFAI’s Joshua Lowenhagen.

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  • We’re celebrating 35 years of community radio today! Come down to the studios, support us with a gift on-line, or call 612-375-9030. Our goal is 350 gifts by midnight and We’re celebrating 35 years of community radio today! Come down to the studios, support us with a gift on-line, or call 612-375-9030. Our goal is 350 gifts by midnight and we’re just over 100 gifts this evening!

    From founding member, actor and program host Charles Brin, to Beryl Greenberg who joined the station just a few years after its beginning, to new Executive Director Willie Dean, this is radio created by people who are passionate about authentic content which represents our community. Celebrate 35 years of people from around the world sharing their insights on the air, program hosts who specialize in blues/soul/the latest local music/Balkan wedding music/what-have-you, and unparalleled access to media for members of our community who have something to say. This is your radio station. We are not part of a network. Listener-support keeps our studios open. We are KFAI, located on the West Bank in Minneapolis, and anywhere you want to listen to great radio. Thank you!

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  • One of the 35 people running for Mayor of Minneapolis is Mark Andrew, a former Hennepin County Commissioner.
    Andrew’s campaign has a strong focus on environmental and transit issues. In a campaign event at Farview Park, Andrew said he would advocate for development of the North Minneapolis Greenway, an expansion of the city’s bike infrastructure connecting North Minneapolis with the Northeast neighborhood.
    Mark Andrew talked with KFAI’s John Helgeson about his love for the city.

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  • Minneapolis will elect a new mayor on November fifth.
    Candidate Bill Kahn admits that he joined the contest because no one else would take up his idea to re-structure the city’s government and become, in effect, the Last Mayor of Minneapolis.
    Kahn told KFAI’s Dale Connelly that he doesn’t really expect to win, but feels he had to enter the race.

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  • Neal Baxter is a member of several governance-related city committees – the Capital Long-Range Improvement Committee and the Pedestrian Advisory Committee. He’s also a member of the Bancroft Neighborhood Association and has worked as an usher and bartender at the Guthrie Theater for 28 years. Neal Baxter talked with KFAI’s Dale Connelly.

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  • Some Dakota County law enforcement officials have joined with a national organization called “Fight Crime – Invest in Kids” to support new federal spending that would expand preschool options nationwide.
    Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom was part of an event yesterday in Hastings that called attention to a new study. The research claims Minnesota would save millions if President Obama’s ten-year, seventy-five billion dollar early education measure is passed.
    James Backstrom talked with KFAI’s Yvette Howie on The Morning Blend.

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  • The advocacy group Environment Minnesota recently called Xcel Energy's SHERCO power plant in Sherburn County the single largest producer of carbon pollution in the state of Minnesota.  

    Environmentalists would like Xcel to stop burning coal at Xcel, and the organization Fresh Energy is campaigning to get people to send that message to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. 

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  • Minneapolis will elect a new mayor this coming Fall.
    This month on the Morning Blend we’ll try to bring you a conversation with a different mayoral candidate every day.
    We have more than enough. Voters will see 35 names on the ballot in November.
    Bob Fine has been a member of the Minneapolis Park Board for 16 years. He also serves on the city’s board of Estimate and Taxation, and has been on the Minneapolis Civil Rights Commission for 18 years.
    Bob Fine talked with KFAI’s Dale Connelly.

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