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  • On Friday, November 14th, KFAI will host a reception honoring Dr. Willie Dean.   The event is scheduled from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. in the KFAI green room.

    As part of the staff restructuring passed on October 3rd by KFAI’s Board of Directors, the position of Executive Director was eliminated.  Under the new configuration, the staff will be led by a General Manager – a post for which Dr. Dean did not apply. 

  • A Minneapolis community organizer who was featured in a widely distributed photo with the city’s mayor says he is “just trying to do good,” and would like an apology for the way his image was used in a KSTP TV story last week. 

    Navell Gordon was pictured side by side with Mayor Betsy Hodges when the two met during get-out-the-vote activities in North Minneapolis.  The two were pointing at each other in the photo. 

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  • The University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis represents a huge physical investment by the state in terms of buildings and infrastructure.    It takes a lot to keep it going, including heat and electricity.

    Right now the U is working on a 96 million dollar project to update those systems and reduce the U of M’s carbon footprint.  It’s part of a larger goal to reach climate neutrality by the year 2050.   

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  • On November 5th, 2014,  more than twelve hundred community leaders in the Twin Cities will gather at the Minneapolis Convention Center to discuss race relations.  The occasion is the 12th Annual “It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race” organized by the YWCA of Minneapolis.

    This is an important part of the Y’s mission to get people talking to each other and to work against racism.

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  • Thousands of people rallied beginning from the Native American Corridor on Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis to the TCF Bank Stadium Nov. 2nd to protest the Washington NFL team’s mascot name and logo. KFAI’s Rico Morales was there and he filed a report.

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  • Justin Simien’s new film “Dear White People” was released in the movie theaters on October seventeenth. Part of the film was shot here in Minnesota at the U of M. Minnesota native, Naomi Ko who attended the University of Minnesota was the only Asian-American featured in the movie.

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  • On November 4th, Minneapolis Voters will choose five members of the city’s school board. 

    Two of the positions are at-large seats, and the contest between four candidates to fill those city-wide posts has drawn interest from near and far.

    The Star Tribune reports that an unprecedented amount of money is pouring into the race from well-funded outside groups that seek to promote sweeping school reforms.

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  • There are plenty of arts performance events to attend in the Twin Cities area, and often you’ll find American Sign Language interpreters translating for hearing impaired audiences. 

    Film director and actor Maya Washington thinks more could be done to include deaf audiences and performers in the arts mainstream. 

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  • On November 4th, Minneapolis voters will see a proposed charter amendment on their ballots.    The language of the question reads:

    Shall the Minneapolis City Charter be amended to remove the requirement that businesses holding on-sale wine licenses in the City must serve food with every order of wine or beer and to remove mandatory food to wine and beer sales ratios?

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  • Where do you go when you want to hear live music? 

    If you follow an online community called Sofar Sounds, you could wind up just about anywhere.   Sofar stands for “Songs From  A Room”.  It started five years ago in London, and has since spread to ninety cities worldwide, including Minneapolis.

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