• Environment and arts supporters in Minnesota are working together to change the state’s constitution in order to have a dedicated source of funding. While this seems like a good idea to some, the issue is not as simple as deciding to support the arts and environment or not. KFAI’s Angela Furry reports.


  • KFAI’s Benno Groeneveld will be covering next week’s Republican convention from a GLBT perspective. He recently spoke with two groups about their plans for the RNC: Outfront Minnesota and the Log Cabin Republicans. The latter group is the name for a group of gay and lesbian activists within the Grand Old Party. Here’s Benno Groeneveld.

    That’s KFAI Benno Groeneveld.

  • Veteran Congressman Jim Ramstad is retiring from his position this year as the representative for Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District.

  • St. Paul citizens may have a choice about how to vote for future municipal seat elections come November. A petition to put instant runoff voting (IRV) on the St. Paul ballot is currently under legal scrutiny. The St. Paul Better Ballot Campaign believes that if IRV is approved, it would ease the voting process.

    KFAI’s Maria Almli filed this story on Monday, June 30, 2008

  • Recently, a new generation of veterans – veterans of the Iraq war -have started running for Congress. Among this new group of veterans is Steve Sarvi, who is currently trying to be elected to the House of Representatives in Washington for Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District, just south of the Twin Cities. He has served in the military for 19 years; in Kosovo and more recently in Iraq.

  • Al Franken is currently the lead contender in Minnesota’s US Senate race. He’s campaigning against incumbent Republican Norm Coleman and DFL underdog Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer. Last week, KFAI interviewed Nelson-Pallmeyer’s campaign manager following his surge of support in several Senate District conventions.

  • US Senate candidate Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer has garnered some additional support on his bid for the DFL endorsement against Al Franken. At Senate and County conventions across the state last weekend, the competition between both candidates was evident. In South Minneapolis’s Senate District 61, the delegate count was 10 for Nelson-Pallmeyer to Franken’s 7.

  • While SuperTuesday results are being analyzed all over the nation, campaigns and voters alike are experiencing life after SuperTuesday and looking to what comes next. But what really went on at the Minnesota caucuses? One of our reporters takes us on her journey.

    The Minnesota Senate District and County Conventions are approaching in March and April.

  • He may not be as well known – or as well funded – as other Republican presidential candidates. And chances that he will become the official candidate of the Republican party are slim.

  • On Saturday, February 2nd, Barack Obama hosted a rally at a sold-out Target Center in preparation for the upcoming Democratic caucus. KFAI’s Stephen Manuszak attended the rally and spoke with attendees before the rally began.