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  • Marty Owings covers the Minnesota State Capitol for KFAI and has his own TV show online to examine legislative issues in-depth. He’s joined by esteemed former KFAI News Director Ahndi Fridell.

  • Story by Susan Gray

    The Minneapolis Parks’ “Feed The Dream” event was held at Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park in South Minneapolis on Monday, January 16th. Hundreds of participants gathered to celebrate the Martin Luther King Holiday and contribute supplies to local food shelves.
    KFAI’s Susan Gray was there and filed this report.

  • Story by Sanni Brown

    The annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Breakfast at the Minneapolis Convention Center featured human rights activist Naomi Tutu as the keynote speaker. She talked with admiration about Dr. King’s non-violent response to opression and observed that we have not yet reached the “promised land” Dr. King spoke of. Her speech focused on Dr.

  • Story by Mike Fischbein and Mike Stapp

    Marv Davidov died on Saturday, January 14th. He was well known in the Twin Cities as an activist, organizer and peaceful protester against war and injustice.

  • Story by Terry Carter

    Last week, Scott Gray, the president of the Minneapolis Urban League, wrote an open letter to the community about the late December death of 3 year old Terrell Mayes, Jr. Mayes died inside his family’s home, hit by a bullet fired from outside.

  • Story by Michelle Alimoradi and Bob Hines

    The Minnesota Legislature will officially begin its session the week after next, and one of the issues that is bound to come up is a proposal to ask voters to amend the Minnesota Constitution to require photo ID for voters in Minnesota.

  • Story by Bob Hines and Michelle Alimoradi

    President Obama has proposed an immigration rules change for undocumented workers that would remove one of the often-expressed fears of people who apply for “green cards” – namely that they will have to leave the United States in order to make the application and will not be allowed to return for up to ten years.

  • Story by Blake Mattson

    The north side of Minneapolis is still recovering from May 22’s tornado. In an effort to focus attention on the work that remains, a group of young photographers created an exhibit called “Of Sadness and Hope: Images from the Northside Tornado”.