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  • Story by Terry Carter

    On Saturday afternoon, February 11th, The Honeydogs, The Brass Kings, Trailer Trash and Chris Koza will play at Famous Dave’s in Uptown, Minneapolis for a fundraiser that’s intended to benefit a very specific project – the building of a footbridge in Guatemala.

  • Story by Terry Carter

    Nearly 4,000 gallons of water containing “small amounts” of tritium and “trace amounts” of other chemicals have been released by Prairie Island nuclear plant since November. The most recent leak happened February 3rd when 27 gallons of water overflowed a holding tank.

  • Story by Marty Owings and Ahndi Fridell

  • Story by Mike Fischbein

    The results of the presidential preference poll at Tuesday’s Republican caucus were surprising to some observers, with former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum emerging as the big winner here in Minnesota. Texas Congressman Ron Paul finished second and the frontrunner, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, finishing third.

  • Story by Teresa Townsend

    Approximately 70 people representing various activist groups in Minnesota rallied on Friday, February 3rd to protest the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA. The act, passed by congress and signed by President Obama, includes provisions that allow for the seizure and indefinite holding, without trial, of American citizens suspected of terrorist activities.

  • This week’s show features DFL Minority Leader Paul Thissen, Republican Senator Claire Robling, political analyst Sarah Janacek, and singer song-writer Alex Tulp from The Friendly Beers.

  • Story by Amanda Anderson

    The Gray Wolf in Minnesota has gone from being a protected animal to a potential target in a hunting season that will be debated at the legislature. KFAI’s Amanda Anderson has a report.

  • Story by Susan Gray
    Photo by Monte Draper, Bemidji Pioneer Press

    Rick Santorum is expected to fare poorly in Tuesday’s Florida Republican primary, but the former US Senator from Pennsylvania says the race for the nomination ‘is just starting’ and he intends to be in it ‘for the long term.” This is good news for Santorum’s political supporters, and also for the business climate i

  • Story by Bob Hines & Michelle Alimoradi

    In 1988, Willie Lloyd was convicted of murder. There was already a history of trouble in his family. His father was a leader of the Unknown Vice Lords in Chicago. Several members of his extended family were part of the gang culture. When he was 18 years old Willie Lloyd shot a man during a fight, and he went to jail.

  • Story by Michelle Alimoradi and Bob Hines

    For the next month, people in Minneapolis and St. Paul see billboards paid for by the groups Minnesota Atheists and American Atheists. Both boards have an eye-catching bright yellow background and image of a baby. One says “Please don’t indoctrinate me with religion.