General Announcements

Story by Marty Owings and Ahndi Fridell

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Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak said this week that a number of trends show signs of an economic recovery in Minneapolis. He cited a decline in the unemployment rate and growth in the labor force and job creation as positive indicators, and he pointed to an increase in permit activity and a drop in foreclosure rates.

The Minneapolis School Board has voted to expand charter school options available to families in the city. Eric Mahmoud, co-founder of Harvest Prep 20 years ago (and more recently, Best Academy) will have the opportunity to open four new charter schools over the next 10 years.

Story by Zuhur Ahmed

At a meeting on March 3rd in Minneapolis, members of the local Somali community expressed concern for their relatives and friends suffering famine in the Horn of Africa.

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Story by Mike Fischbein

The new maps are out. Minnesota’s political boundaries have been re-drawn by a 5 judge panel. Politicians are assessing the effect of these changes on the state’s representation in Washington and the composition of the state legislature … something that will become more plain after this November’s elections when virtually every office holder is on the ballot.

Story by Teresa Townsend

Vocalessence is presenting its annual Witness concert this Sunday at the Ordway Center in St. Paul. This Black History Month tradition always features a guest artist and a commissioned new work. This year the guest is trumpeter Hannibal Lokumbe. His new work is called “In the Spirit of Being”.

Story by Marty Owings & Ahndi Fridell

Republicans in control of the State Legislature continue to move bills forward that will put a constitutional amendment on the ballot this November to require photo ID for Minnesota voters.

On a program called Capitol Conversations, Marty Owings and Ahndi Fridell talked with two of the leading spokesmen for opposite sides in the debate.