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  • KFAI has been checking in with protesters in downtown Minneapolis through the weekend. Allison Osberg filed this video report.

  • You Make the Difference in KFAI’s History.

    Thank you, from the late night crew at the last moments of the fall pledge drive. As of midnight October 7th, 820 people had given $61,692 during our fall drive. Although we did not reach our goal, we appreciate the community support that has taken us this far!

  • KFAI and Truth To Tell volunteer Craig Stellmacher filed this video report from downtown Minneapolis on day 2 of Occupy MN.

  • KFAI Interns Allison Osberg and Eric Blom captured some comments during the early hours of Occupy MN on Friday morning, October 7th.

  • An organization called Occupy Minnesota has promoted a demonstration and rally in downtown Minneapolis that began this morning at 9. The stated intention on the organization’s website is to “stand in solidarity” with those staging a similar demonstration on New York’s Wall Street.
    KFAI’s Michelle Alimoradi was there, and she spoke with Bob Hines during the KFAI Weekly News.

  • Students who face bullying and harassment can feel isolated, and many have said they draw comfort from learning that others have had the same experience, and survived.
    Providing that kind of support is the aim of a new book entitled “Dear Bully,” a collection of essays by 70 authors, including R.L. Stein and Mo Willems.

  • As part of KFAI’s Membership Premium effort, programming volunteer Lennie Chism took an official station t-shirt along on a recent trip to Washington D.C. – a place where people show their endorsement with a signature.

    At the $250 level, this keepsake is yours. It bears the following names:

    • NBA Star Isaiah Thomas
    • Rep. Keith Ellison
    • Rep. Betty McCollum
    • Rep. Tim Walz
    • Rep.
  • A rally at the Minnesota State Capitol on September 24th was part of a worldwide effort to keep attention focused on climate change and our response to it. KFAI’s Flor Trevino was there and filed this report.

  • On October 4th, British attorney Mark Stephens delivered the University of Minnesota’s annual Otto Silha Lecture. Stephens specializes in free speech and freedom of information cases around the globe. He is a former counsel for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, and his talk at 7 pm today at the Coffman Union theater is titled: “Free Speech and the Digital Challenge Around the Globe”.

  • The Mill City Museum is the hallmark of the milling industry that transformed the Minneapolis riverfront in the 19th century.
    Both General Mills and Pillsbury are synonymous with this milling district that sits near St. Anthony Falls. Until very recently, many people did not know it’s also a significant spot for the Dakota people, who call Minneapolis their birthplace.