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  • Story by Allison Osberg

    Aircraft noise has increasingly become a concern for South Minneapolis residents since last September when the Federal Aviation Administration changed take-off procedures on the north parallel runway at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. Last week the Metropolitan Airports Commission held a public input meeting to record the residents questions and concerns.

  • A near-collision in midair last year led the Federal Aviation Administration to change some procedures at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Those changes were made quietly, but the result was a hike in jet noise for some residents of certain areas in South Minneapolis.

  • The University of Minnesota will commission a new 420 foot tall wind turbine on October 25th in Rosemount, at U-More Park. It’s a bit unusual to see a gigantic wind turbine so close to a major metropolitan area, but this one has a special role to play. Not only will it generate electricity, but it will serve as a research center to test new wind power technology.

  • “Food Day”, October 24, 2011, has been designated by the Center for Science in the Public Interest as a day to focus on healthy, affordable food produced in a sustainable, humane way.
    Some local organizations are taking advantage of “Food Day” to shine a light on work they’ve been doing for years to help people eat better food.

  • The Occupy Minnesota protest this week involved an ongoing conflict over whether or not tents can be pitched in downtown Minneapolis, along with marches to draw attention to high student debt and poor job prospects for new college graduates. KFAI’s Maria Almli spent some time on the Plaza between the Hennepin County Government Center and Minneapolis City Hall. She filed this report.

  • The Central Corridor Light Rail project is all about infrastructure and urban renewal, but it’s also about art. Each of the 18 new stations along the 11 mile line will have an artistic desgin connected to the surrounding area. KFAI’s Allison Osberg filed this report.

  • November 8th marks Election Day this year, and while much of the media attentionis already focused more thana year ahead on the presidential race for 2012, the 2011 voting willbring something new in at least one Twin Cities location. Eric Blom filed this report.

  • Occupy Minnesota protesters marched to Wells Fargo on Wednesday, October 19th, holding a rally to draw attention to high student debt and poor job prospects for new college graduates. The group plans to pitch tents in front of US bank, bringing a call for a moratorium on foreclosures to the bank’s doorstep.

  • Elouise Cobell died last Sunday from complications related to cancer. You may not know her name, but she’s very familiar to people who think about the management of Indian land. Elouise Cobell led a 15-year legal battle with the federal government on the issue, and the Cobell vs Salazar case won the largest settlement in US history-3.4 billion dollars.

  • The devastating famine in the horn of Africa continues, with much of the human suffering concentrated in the southern section of Somalia. Displaced families are moving into refugee camps. Children are dying.